[2.1] MaryAnguish Low Life 198k Split Arrow+Chain /614k Frenzy. Now with MultiBarrage option!

UPDATED NOTES FOR PATCH 2.1: stats remains the same. Just a little tree change needed. A new funny and mass-destruction option was added: Barrage, using two Volley Fire Viridian Jewels.

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Credits
3. Passive Skill Tree
4. Bandits
5. Gear
6. Gem setup
7. Stats
8. Playstyle
9. Leveling/Budget gear

As a Standard build, the main idea was to create a full DPS witch with a good survivavility. She started being like another glass cannon char, but with the time and the right gear she became my funniest and most effective map-cleaner char.
Insane damage for both single and multitarget, high survival and also able to handle with damage reflection.

It can work with any ranged attack: Split Arrow, Tornado Shot, Lightning Arrow, Ice Shot... Now's up to you to choose the ranged skill you love.

Should you choose this build to create your endgame char? Only if you can afford it and you really love the Low Life chars. Is a very expensive one and you can obtain very good results with a budget Life based or even CI based build. But I love my Mary too much and wanted to write this post. Just that.

After the 1.2 release, I decided to left this build outdated. I didn't found a way to update it to v1.2 with a good DPS/survability balance and I remade it to CI. But thanks to the Layent's Low Life Split-Crit Build I found again that little spark I was looking for. Even better in patch 1.3., working as well in 2.0. And now in 2.1.

And this is the final result: a build you can adapt to almost any ranged attack, with a huge DPS and a very decent amount of Energy Shield.

Level 100 Witch skill tree

Level 100 Ranger skill tree

Also able for Scion, Shadow and even Duelist tree. You just need to change the starting nodes...

Normal: Kill'em all
Cruel: Kill'em all
Merciless: Help Alira

"But... this gear is expensive as hell!!"

Yes. I made this character as a low life one 'cos I always loved to play ES based/low life characters. MaryAnguish build is my last full equipped dummy, taking all my old gear plus mirroring the awesome Glyph Mark and self crafting the quiver.

You can also run incredible archer characters playing life based builds and CI builds, and even make it works with worst gear. Just check some sections below.

- Shavronne's Wrappings: the best choice as always for a low life build.

- Shavronne's Revelation:
if you want to almost sustain Blood Rage, this ring is mandatory.

- Atziri's Acuity: Vall Pact now works as we want. No penalty. Then why these gloves? The main reason for this build is the mana instaleech.

- 6L: Split Arrow + Chain + Physical Projectile Attack Damage + Added Fire Damage + Life Leech + Power Charge on Critical

- 6L: Frenzy + Physical Projectile Attack Damage + Slower Projectiles + Physical to Lightning + Increased Critical Damage + Weapon Elemental Damage

- 4L: Blood Rage + Increased Duration + Enhance + Portal/Empower/Assassin's Mark/Whatever

- 4L: Hatred + Grace + Enlighten + Summon Flame/Ice Golem

- 4L: Discipline + Herald of Ash + Enlighten + Blood Magic

Maybe the gem setup for both main and AoE attacks can sound weird, but after a lot of tests I was convinced about it. I'll explain why:

Added Fire Damage + Life Leech: The best survival combo for two reasons:

1. The life leech from Blood Rage can be a bit short. The Life Leech gem provides that extra useful leech.

2. Added Fire Damage provides the best physical/elemental balance to avoid a death by reflect. I was testing the Physical to Lightning + WED combo and many others. The final result was an insane damage and a lot of problems trying to avoid the elemental reflect. If you are a bit short of damage, the PtL + WED is the best choice. If not, try the Added Fire + Life Leech setup.

Slower Projectiles: An insane source of damage. You will use Frenzy just for hard rare mobs and bosses. You just need the highest damage possible. Test this gem, you'll see it.

NEW OPTION for 2.1:

You can replace you Split Arrow gem and use Barrage instead. Just place two Volley Fire Viridian Jewels in the right places (the sockets near Charisma and Heartseeker). Your Barrage will be a crazy multitarget attack. Forget the DPS tooltip and try it, you'll see...

Split Arrow + Chain:

113k DPS (using Life Leech)
136k DPS (using Life Leech and Atziri's Promise)
154k DPS (using WED)
182K DPS (using WED and Atziri's Promise)
198K DPS (using WED+Physical to Lightning and Atziri's Promise)

221K DPS (using WED+Physical to Lightning and Atziri's Promise; using Haste instead of Grace for full yolo-reflect-eater build)


510k DPS
614k DPS (with Atziri's Promise)

94.8% Critical Strike Chance

Defensive stats:

Energy Shield: 6308
Chance to Evade Attacks: 40%

All stats taken with auras, 6 power charges and 3 frenzy charges. No curses taken into account.

If you want an extra damage buff for yolo purposes, remove Grace and add Haste.

"If they cannot see you, they cannot hurt you."

This main principle for any ranged character is even more true here. Your Energy Shield isn't great and your Evasion is only good against projectiles. The best defense is a devastating attack.

The Split Arrow + Chain combo provides one of the best AoE clearing ways in Path of Exile, plus Frenzy just need 5-6 shots to kill even the hardest boss.

If you want to start and level a new char, the best choice is a life based build and refund-swap to the low life version once reached around level 80-85. There's no need to write something that others have already done and very well done so I will just add here some useful links:

- NeverSink's ♣ INDEPTH Tornado&Split Guide ♣ Beginner friendly
- Beginners Bow Build - Crit Tornado Shot & Frenzy
- Doeboy's #GUCCI Ranger 🌟 450-725K Frenzy 105K LA 165K SA
- Budget / Lightning Arrow / 100% pierce / Crit / Infractem
- TheAmigoShotz! -Lifebased Windripper build 91k split arrow chain!

Five links with five very well explained life based builds, some of them with budget gear.

There are better build to farm, even with archers (poison arrow/windripper) but if you want to run MaryAnguyish as a farmer, here you have some tips:

- Unless you got some very good MF + resistance gear, try to use only a MF ring, a MF helmet and the Wondertrap boots. In addition to Item Rarity and Item Quantity gems, you'll get around 80/280 IIQ/IIR being able to sustain Blood Rage and around 50k DPS with Split Arrow.

- You'll need to respect two point and take a 4% extra reduced mana reservation. Then change Herald of Ash and put Purity of Elements (if you need it, of course).

- For further considerations about IIQ/IIR balance, please check the IIQ/IIR: Balance and Diminishing Returns guide.
- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
Last edited by Chuca79 on Dec 16, 2015, 4:02:57 PM
From my experience LA + chain works a lot better than split + chain.

You'd have to swap for example weapon ele dmg with Lower multiple projectiles however; in the end this'd be worth it for the shock effect though which improves dps by a lot (not shown on display).
http://tinyurl.com/ooety9v - Ranger bow lightning arrow crit build
Last edited by Dan1986 on Dec 7, 2014, 6:33:36 AM
have you tried split arrow+pierce and drillneck just to see what the damage difference is compared to that quiver?

in any case, if i ever get my hands on 1400 exalts i'll test this build out
xMustard wrote:
have you tried split arrow+pierce and drillneck just to see what the damage difference is compared to that quiver?

SA+Pierce combo deals more damage with a good crit quiver. Anyway, Chain is used both for claring purposes and to evade reflect dies. A reflect with SA+Pierce will oneshot you.

Dan1986 wrote:
From my experience LA + chain works a lot better than split + chain.

Tested all bow gems and SA+Chain is the best combo for me. But of course, up to each playstyle.
- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
Psure this is the build that I want to go for the new league, how do you suggest leveling the char and then converting with subpar items?
Strooder wrote:
Psure this is the build that I want to go for the new league, how do you suggest leveling the char and then converting with subpar items?

This is a very expensive build, made for fun, with an insane damage output but no armour/evasion. Take all that and yes, this build is just for std league when you already bought all the gear you needed for any other char.

For a 3-4 months league I suggest an evasion based ranger. Cheaper, easier and with enough damage and survival.
- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
Ah, I'll keep an eye out for a more defensive version of the split/chain build for 1.3 then. Thanks :D
Useless build. Gear too expensive.
delray wrote:
Useless build. Gear too expensive.

Useless as Fyndel's ST, Kaiserin's Wanderer, Slashzilla Reaver, Shatter Chuck or many other expensive builds? You mean useless for you, right? Cos trust me, I'm playing this build. Even all the other builds I wrote, and can be a lot of things but useless...
- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
Last edited by Chuca79 on Dec 8, 2014, 12:32:54 AM
Eh another useless build. 10 mirrored items (or mirror worthy). Without Acuity you will die on first reflect pack EOT. (even if you manage to get Vaal pact somehow, you will still die on reflect)

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