[1.2x Rampage][The Hexwheel]Atziri's Disfavour Curse on Hit Cyclone build.(70% slower temp chain)

Updated with a Shrine Extra dmg Piety video

Updated with a Palace Dominus(extra life) video

This build is built around the Uber Axe, Atziri's Disfavour, and the newly buffed support gem Curse on Hit.

This build is not damage oriented, but it has sufficient dps and survivability to handle most of the end game content. More importantly, this build provides a substantial boost to other players' safety in the party since mobs would essentially get pinned at where they are.The character is currently level 89 on rampage.

I have been trying to get a six link on my axe (800 fusing so far back to a 5l), as soon as I get it I will re-roll a templar to do an more extreme version of the build, triple 52%q curse on hit. (Whisper of Doom and +1 from amulet or boots.)

The Core idea
Instead of making a regular cyclone character using Disfavour, I decided to go further and do something fun. The +2 lvl to support gem mod allows us to have a lvl 5 enhance gem linked in the set up, giving 32% extra quality to the linked active skill. Notice that this extra 32% is also given to the supported curse.
So now we have a 52%q cyclone and a 52%q curse.

Screen shots of quality on Cyclone and Temp Chain

Base weapon range of two handed axe is 7, with 2 from Master of the Arena and the Axe we have a base weapon range of 11. With the extra 52% increase AoE from the cyclone, we don't really need to scale the area of effect in order to hit an entire pack.

Temporal Chains
This is one of the curses which have the most powerful boost on extra quality. Each quality on temporal chain gives 0.5% slower movement on the enemy, so 52% will give us 26%. A lvl 20 non-quality temp chain gives us 29% slower. 26%+29%=55%. With the 21% increase curse effect on a max lvl quality curse on hit (22/20 on disfavour), the slow is effect will become 67%. With a enhance 4 it will reach 70%.
Temp Chains has great synergy with the build because it also make the mobs bleed and burn(from herald of ash) twice as long. And of course all the dot or element ailments your party members bring.

(Thanks to TheEnforcer's idea in the reply section, this build now uses lv 1 arctic armor supported by increase duration for longer chilling path it leaves behind. I swapped out Herald of Ash and now run a lv 8 clarity. Respec one of my frenzy charge and grabbed Mana Flows on the Duelist tree. A new video is posted showing just how slow a mob can be.)

Note that both my temp chain and curse on hit is lvl 18 atm, and curse on hit has no quality yet. It will gradually become 56% and 21% increase effect on curse.

Duelist Tree
Duelist tree
I went to the shadow tree for the mana leech passive since cyclone is a pretty mana hungry skill. Also pick up all the frenzy charges while lvling for extra clear speed.
Didn't went for RT since my jewelry provides me a good amount of accuracy. But RT is better if i dont have the multiplier on Abyssus.

Templar Tree with RT, IR and Whisper of Doom

Bandits: All help oak.

Current Gear

Rares are all self found. Just some lvling gear.

Gear and Gem Setup

Weapon (Disfavour) 5L: Cyclone + Melee Phys + Enhance + Curse on Hit + Temp Chains

Chest Armor (Daresso's Defiance) 4L: Vaal Haste/Vaal Grace + Lv 1 Arctic Armor + Immortal Call + Increase Duration.

Quality on Immortal Call and increase duartion is important. With a 5 link plug an enhance in there for longer immortal call. Two vaal skills comes in very handy when dealing with bosses or exiles. With 5 max endurance charge (planing to change bandit reward for one more) at the moment, my IC last around 10.5 seconds. Vaal Haste and Vaal Grace lasts 12.66 seconds.
I use Daresso's because it has great synergy with the build. Since we are Evasion/Acrobatics based and always moving among slowed mobs. 70% of the time we will not be hit. With the frequent generation of endurance charges it is easy to keep a perma up IC using an appropriate play style. Chest piece can be totally switch off with a Carcass jack or a rare evasion armor.
Use increase duration arctic armor for the chill path. My chill path has a duartion of 2.33 seconds, works out pretty awesome slowing monsters.

Helm: (Abyssus) 4L: Hatred + Herald of Ash + Reduced Mana + Clarity

Abyssus is totally optional. I use Abyssus for the extra clear speed and my personal liking for the item. Since we are mostly under immortal call, the extra phys damage taken does not affect my survivability much. Run a lv 8-10 clarity to sustain the arctic armor and turn off herald of ash for a larger unreserved mana pool.

Gloves: 4L: Leap Slam + Concentrated Effect + Faster Attack + Melee Phys

I use leap slam not only for movement but also for damage. After scaling it with two multiplicative damage booster, leap slams provides a huge single hit. Since the bleed mechanics scales on the initial hit, similar to crit puncture, this will make the target bleed a massive amount. I once happened to land a crit leap slam on Shock and Horror (Torture Chamber Boss), it bleed till death with that single hit.

Boots: 4L: Heavy Strike + Faster Attack + Melee Phys + Multistrike

Single target. Notice that knocking back the target will amplify the bleed damage.

Blood Rage and Enduring Cry on spare gem slots. Use Blood Rage when soloing for better clear speed. The decent amount of leech provided by blood rage will overcome the degen.

Look for life, resist, phys dmg on jewelries.



Heavy Strike

Leap Slam

71 Strand map run through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG9jMDJn0Lg
77 rare Shipyard 2 exiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMnALadK0qc
73 dark forest with Arctic Armor/Slow Motion in POE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvjgamZfbO4&feature=youtu.be(updated)
77 Extra dmg Shrine Piety: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVVJTk6LMYk&feature=youtu.be

The character is still in progression. Next goal is to get 6l on my axe and put in vulnerability(or any other curse such as enfeeble, since most curse is blue). With this setup i can get vulnerability up to 88% increase phys damage taken on mobs. Along with the DoT damage increase, it will substantially magnify the bleed damage.

Feel free to post your suggestions or question and I will be happy to answer them.
2.0 ain't no melee patch.
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2.0 ain't no melee patch.
Looking forward to this build.
I pvp'd a player who cast a 20/23 temp chains connected to a lvl 4 enhance. I lost without touching him in all rounds. It was like fighting Quicksilver.

Good luck and can't wait for vids
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
Good luck and can't wait for vids

Thanks. The guide wasn't complete when I accidentally pressed submit. There are two videos posted.
2.0 ain't no melee patch.
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why aren't you using at least level 1 arctic armor? the chill stacks with the curse
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why aren't you using at least level 1 arctic armor? the chill stacks with the curse

Your idea is really cool, it will certainly further slow the mobs as i just tested.
Level 1 arctic armor have a 28.5 mana drain on movement. Since I have absolutely no investment in Mana regen I didn't think of AA as a choice. I will try switch off my herald of ash for a lv 10 clarity to sustain the AA.
2.0 ain't no melee patch.
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This build is great and interesting,nice job!
What about MS Ranger nodes like Celerity and Quickstep?

btw, good job on this build, sounds funny and pretty uncommon (I'm tired of master of obvious)
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What about MS Ranger nodes like Celerity and Quickstep?

Movement speed is nice for this build but I'm using a adrenaline quicksilver and feeling very content with my movement speed when cyclone through mobs. Instead of investing 3 points or so in movement speed I prefer spending them on life nodes, since after patch 1.2 for each level we gain 12 max life, which makes %life nodes more valuable imo.
2.0 ain't no melee patch.
Nice to see people realizing the power of an overbuffed temp chains.
Fun fact : you can get to 100% slower enemies.

Chill is absolutely something you should work in. AA is an option ; if Cycloning with the Atziri axe, Hatred might do the trick too. Amazingly, chill stacks additively on top of TC slow, so 70% TC + Chill = 100%, ie enemies completely immobile. With enough investment, overbuffed TC + Chill will let you slow map bosses by about 95% (which is overkill, 75~80% slow is enough to make the most dangerous stuff laughable).

EDIT : staying on the topic of the build, it got me thinking about how to get better damage with a similar setup. The most effective way would be to get a second cyclone link in the chest for damage, and keep the one in the axe for a first pass curse applying hit only. You can then replace Melee Phys from the axe links with Vulnerability (with double curse somewhere ofc), which results in about 70% more phys damage on cursed mobs, and have a full damage cyclone in the chest (cyclone-MPD-FA-LGoH-AF for example). The setup would be more expensive and more taxing on socket real estate, but the damage should be dramatically higher.
I'm proud I made the build that got hotfix nerfed by 80% in under a week :
Kamikaze Clones /1204796 (LL Mirror Arrow Instability Prolif)
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