The Antithesis to Self Found :: Found By Others Challenge!

"Punch Hillock" challenge :)

Why would "challenger" leave town at all?
There is nothing there that can help to progress with this challenge.
Well, may be a3n vendor can help a bit if vendors are allowed.

Possible ruleset:

- pick up your first gem on twillight strand only
- don't receive donations of any kind
- don't scam
- don't use vendors
- don't trade to anyone who knows that you are doing it for a challenge (create a new account for this?)

A goal... mirror?
Isbox1 wrote:

You must play solo, and you may not pick up any items from drops or quests. That's right, every single item you acquire must be given to you by another person or traded for. This includes your original skill gem and weapon -- you can't even pick those up.

So can you even pick up currency? I guess that's the only thing you can pick up? Better make a list - clear cut defined exactly what I can pick up.

You can't pick up ANYTHING. That includes skill gems, currency, maps, etc. You must trade for EVERYTHING.

You are talking nonsense. If you don't pick up anything you have nothing to trade. If you are always playing solo, you are never going to run into anyone that will give you anything. So what are you going to do, sit in global chat and beg?

If anyone here thinks that this thread isn't meant to be a direct insult to SFL must be out of their rocker.

This is a parody of SFL and what SFL players are asking for. This is like a Weird Al Yankovic song - only difference is that he's actually good at it... while OP just made the most out of the crazy world - not even in the realm of realistic - parody to what SFL are actually looking for.

But nice try. You will never be Weird Al, OP.
"The Antithesis to Self Found :: Found By Others Challenge!"

nice troll
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Obvious troll post but I'd like to mention something.

SFL supporters know that they can roll SF in any league. The issue is that they want to be recognized for their effort and achievements just like the players in the other leagues do. They want a ladder which ranks their characters level against players that are gaming with the same rules coded into that particular permanent league. Permanent because it would take much more time and creativity to be successful with the new limitations. The fact is that this league would be much harder than the existing ones, especially for the ''top tier players'' in these hacked and bought leagues that currently exist.

Sure a player could still buy a pre-levelled account with inventories of farmed gear but that gear would never pollute anyone else's account and the character's purchased toons would not suddenly appear on the rankings because they were already there, we can compete with those easily so it would be a non issue. There is really no argument left. SFL has a place in this game and a lot of players are asking for it.
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