Gamespot hosts Build of the Week Season 2 Finale and Infernal Skull Competition

Today's episode of Build of the Week is the last one in Season Two! It covers an awesome 1.1.5 character build that combines Echoed Raging Spirits with Animated Weapons and the Chober Chaber unique item. Gamespot have generously agreed to host the episode and are running a competition where 50 Infernal Skull Helmet Skins are being given away. Check out the video and competition here. We look forward to working with partners like Gamespot to help bring the series and game to as broad an audience as possible. Build of the Week will return with Season Three in August as we release our expansion.

If you're interested in more information on this week's build, please check out TheNugernaut's build guide here!
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Good job with getting Gamespots attention.
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

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pretty nice
alt art shop view-thread/1195695

i love those build of the week
I hate the lab

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GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
For me, the video on gamespot is loading so slow, plus the quality is so blurry. Is there a youtube version???
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I was just making a similar build to this too...
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Very interested in seeing the different combinations and uses for spell echo, I just hope there isn't a terribly broken one that forces a nerf at some point.
I wonder if Hillock-Senpai will notice me when I go to town??

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