Build of the Week Season 2 Episode 11: Glacial Hammer/Elemental Proliferation Duelist

This week's Build of the Week episode showcases gilrad's Glacial Hammer/Elemental Proliferation Duelist, which we greatly enjoyed playing. If you'd like more information about the build, he has posted a build guide here. To submit a build for a future Build of the Week episode, please post it in the appropriate class forum. Thanks!
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Yea, I'm still having fun with my Molten Strike Scion. :-o
Glacial/Ele Pro looks like a fun build as well.
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Nice, I like the DW aspect.
I did glacial hammer/prolif a while back... good fun once you get attack speed. The slow attack animation makes you very vulnerable for stuns before that. Dual wield may offset that, however!
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Ohhh, that looks like I build I want to try.
GH is wrecked for LLD now. Wish it could have been adjusted in some way that didnt completely invalidate the damage especially the ratio in comparison to other weapons with similar stats.
I cant wait for Gloria Victis
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PK massacre,
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This reminds me of D2.
Nice. :)

Have a nice week at the office, i bet youre working hard on new fun stuff. :)

Here have a cookie.
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What's cooler, than being cool?
Return of the perma-freezer? :D
Extremely interesting use of uniques though!
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