Season Eight, Event 24: 1 Hour Endless Ledge

Last zone destroyed my 22-23 dreams. Devourer's. :X Ended up close to 22 in 3 blue packs that I couldn't kill because 2 yellow devourers with extra phys und extra fast auras.... xD Had to skip 2- more blue packs before because of them, too. Gnah. Very nice race. Zone RNG wasn't too bad except 1-2 zones, no real item drops but okay'ish pace.

In the listing of players I am the 10th Shadow, yet on the rewards page I am marked as the 11th. Who should I contact to try and resolve the missing point?

In the listing and I am the 5th, but my profile tells me I got 6th (1 point less D=).

Got to level 22:
English is not my first language.
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Every zone but one with ranged stun-lockers. 2 transmutes, 0 chance/alts. No rare drops on any items that might increase damage. Couldn't run past mobs, couldn't kill quickly. Then lag death to Minara. Race was a long, laborious chore.
34th overall, 7th marauder. Sledge/gloves carried me hard


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