[1.3] Blood Line / Torment Dual strike. Strike your way through maps Beginner Friendly

I wanted to share this build with you guys because it carried me through almost any map with any mod. It is a fun build to play with really good clearing speed.
This guide is not for complete new players, because there are better out there but it's still not bad for a semi-new player.

Question: Why do you start as ranger?
Answer: The ranger gives some more life at the start and you get a sweet 8% attack speed node which isnt available to Maurauder or duelist.


Defensive stats

Iron reflexes: you can skip this if you have a good 6L and helmet and have enough physical damage reduction.
Resulote technique: We don't have any crit in our build so to save alot of accuracy nodes we take resolute technique! this keystone is a must and will increase your dps by alot.

Current gear:

Gear explanation:
Just some basic gear with mostly looking for added physical damage on jewelry and looking for as much life as possible.
I have a saffel's frame for bosses like dominus or Piety with -max resist or igna phoenix or the flameblast guy, it helps great for the spell damage and i have a cyclone gem to use the Saffels.
A stone of lazwhar or Rainbowstrides are completely Optional you will have almost capped block but you will miss alot of life so it is just a preference.

my cyclone setup is: BoR --> cyclone --> life leech --> Life gain oh hit --> added fire damage
There are better setups for cyclone but we are not recoloring our BoR everytime are we?
Just some flasks mostly against the strongboxes (Yes they are very dangerous) and a remove bleed flask for corrupting blood.

Gem setup:
Helm or Chest: Dual strike --> Melee splash --> Multistrike --> Life leech/added fire , with chest --> Faster attacks --> Melee physical damage

Leap slam --> faster attacks --> endurance charge on melee stun / blood magic
Why endurance charge? with this build you will be able to get 4 endurance charges if you leapslam into a pack of enemys you will automaticly generate a endurance charge. endurance charges are used for extra defense or immortal call
In my offhand i have cast when damage taken(lvl 1) --> enduring cry --> enfeeble just some standard defence since you don't use any curses

Gloves: Cast when damage taken (lvl 5) --> enduring cry (lvl5) --> increased duration (lvl 20)
With a lvl 5 Immortal call i am invurnable to physical damage for a full 5 seconds with only 4 endurance charges (you can get 6 if you want). The CwDT is lvl 5 so it won't trigger straight again when u take damage so the effect of the immortal call actually stays.

Boots: reduced mana ---> grace ---> hatred
Why put aura's in boots? Boots can roll +1 to gems so your aura's will be a little bit stronger.
you can also run purity of fire / purity of lightning with grace or hatred if your reduced mana gem is lvl 20)

How does your defence work?
having Around 50% physical damage reduction is enough for most content adding that with 52% block (62% block with WoE) will make even more tanky.
This build has a decent amount of life regen (3.5%) that's enough to tank most of the small mobs. you will also have life leech which will keep you alive against any mob or boss.

First of all when you start out you probably want to start spectral throwing untill cruel difficulty. Keep in mind you want to have around 1K health before normal dominus.

When you hit cruel difficulty you can start dualstriking. if you have enough mana leech from your gear you would be able to dualstrike without a Blood magic gem, if it is not the case go get a blood magic gem.
the rest while leveling speaks for itself i think, get gear upgrades when needed.
a great tip for new players on on Poe.xyz.is for your desired gear, you can ussually get really decent gear for a couple of chaos that will carry you through entire normal/cruel/merciless. difficulty also try and ask some help in the global chat, there are some really helpfull people out there!

Item to look for while leveling:
For gear you want as much life as possible while keeping your resistances capped.
you want a rustic sash or a leather belt for more life!
To get weapons you can just simply use the increased physical damage recipe:
-one white/magic/rare rustic sash
-one whetstone
-a weapon of choice

Passive tree per levels:
20 points

40 points

60 points

80 points

Final build

Im not explaining cruel and merciless difficulty entirly but the things you want to focus on are:
-at least 40% chance to evade or physical damage reduction
-capped or nearly capped resists
-1k life at normal dominus, 2k at cruel, (you don't do merciless dominus)
if you are dualwieling already around 30-40 block would be good.

Bandit rewards
Normal: Oak
Cruel: Oak
Merciless: Oak or kill all

you ideally want a 4L or a 5L untill you can use a Bringer of Rain:
Dual strike --> melee physical damage --> melee splash --> faster attacks/blood magic/life leech

Once you hit 67 and can you a bringer of rain you want to use:
dual strike --> melee splash --> multi strike --> life leech/added fire damage
you ONLY want to use a added fire gem if you have 4-5% life leech on your gear.

Gear progession
The under 1 Exalt build:


I have tried using a 5 Linked chest and two 230 Pdps weapons and i managed to get 17K dps without sacrificing any defensive stats. You can also use Wings of Entropy and take the two Handed nodes. (wrecking ball) instead of the one handed nodes.(have to test with Wings of entropy it will be alot more tanky!)
Use a 4 or 5L chest with a Blood magic gem, you will still have more then enough dps to clear lower lvl maps untill you can build up for some higher tier items!

The 5 Exalt build

Get yourself a Bringer of rain and two 250 one handed axes and you will be able to achieve a damage of 25K! Don't forgot to cap your resists after dropping your helm and chest!
You have aquired your BoR, you start grinding for your soultaker!

The 40 Exalt build

Get yourself one of those shiny nice soultakers and you damage will go up to 35K+ u can choose to run a life leech gem for more survivabilty or a added fire gem for more damage!
If you even have more currency i would highly suggest to use a good 6L chest and a good helmet and drop grace and run purity of lightning and purity of fire for more elemental defense!

This is my first guide!
Any questions, suggestions or improvements of this guide?
feel free to post in the comments below!
Dual strike guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/911087
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Bump! Speel sexy guide!
build updated!
Dual strike guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/911087
1.1.3 updated
Dual strike guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/911087
Dual strike guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/911087
Dual strike guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/911087
Thanks for the guide, i started a new char in ambush to try it.

Btw: Lvl 20 skill tree don't work.

Also waiting for more info, continue with your good work ! :)
Thanks for the guide, i started a new char in ambush to try it.

Btw: Lvl 20 skill tree don't work.

Also waiting for more info, continue with your good work ! :)

thank you! i update the lvl 20 tree so it works now :) also if you have any question's feel free to pm me ingame
Dual strike guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/911087
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I tested the build up to level 62 and is perfect, sorry that I died for my stupidity hahaahahaha

Nice Build
Speelbeer wrote:
Thanks for the guide, i started a new char in ambush to try it.

Btw: Lvl 20 skill tree don't work.

Also waiting for more info, continue with your good work ! :)

thank you! i update the lvl 20 tree so it works now :) also if you have any question's feel free to pm me ingame

Sure, i have a question about survivability, how how much dmg can stand the build? What about spells or big hits? Can you stay alive in hard situations or is better to run and come back? :)

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