Vaal Orbs vs lvl20 gems - THE WAR - 23% omg

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The list of gems I've vaaled has grown too massive to keep track of. (especially with the sale of gems once they are Vaaled)

I recently decided that my next gem to acquire was a 23% quality Blood Rage gem. The upside to rolling for a 23% gem is that you don't need to use 20/20 gems - you can Vaal a 20q lvl1 gem and then level it afterwards if you get your 23% result.

The downside is sometimes RNG is a real bastard.

I got it in the end. Hit a real troll 22% along the way as well because as mentioned, sometimes RNG just hates you.


There was actually 5 more in addition to this but they've been sold. (20/20s with no change or some 20/19)

I have a few more gems to acquire to finish off my perfect set. I just hope none of them decides to be quite as difficult as the perfect Blood Rage was.

Anybody else got similar horror stories?

Edit: No there wasn't one for sale already lol. Sadly :(
LEAVING THE GAME --- SALE IS AT --->>> /982126
#1 6 t1 Wand FOE BITE (5 perfect mods) SOLD /1031745
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Lol, not very good, so far

Nothing happened:


Future tries:

I REALLY want a 21/20 FP haha
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tbh getting a decent upside is not that uncommon,getting a GG roll is however.
tried it on 4 gems for fun,2 got a lvl up,1 got nothing,and 1 got +quality.
Judging by the stories,the chance to de-level a gem is rather slim.
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Extrapolating from what was said about how vaal orbs work on armor, I think there would be three outcomes rolled for gems with an equal chance: effect level, do nothing, or effect quality. From there, they could either increase or decrease. If this is correct, the odds should be something along the lines of 1/6 chance to get the result you're looking for.

Just did

looking for +3% quality. Sadly neither did anything. (upside they didn't lose 10% quality I guess lol)

I'll be updating this as I go, keeping track of all the gems I do. (going to be a LOT)

1/10 on hitting any positive outcome so far.
LEAVING THE GAME --- SALE IS AT --->>> /982126
#1 6 t1 Wand FOE BITE (5 perfect mods) SOLD /1031745
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My success:

and fails:

4 of them have been deleveled to 19.
+9% Quality
-3% Quality

-7% Quality
-1 Level

9% quality was on an aura so nothing good at all so far.
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@SapiensSapiens -

running hot!

I am incredibly jealous of that lvl21 Discipline. I have two fresh ones leveling now to try again on hitting a lvl21 one.

@SottoVoce - tough luck so far. That -quality on the Blood Rage is just savage.
LEAVING THE GAME --- SALE IS AT --->>> /982126
#1 6 t1 Wand FOE BITE (5 perfect mods) SOLD /1031745
Is the -1 level permanent or just lowering current level (so you have to level it back only). I guess it is permanent ie is setting max level. If that is true then maybe for those who corrupted gems wih a level below 20 and "nothing" happened actually had something happen but it will not show until gem get to lvl 20?
+1 level


-1 level

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