Cut-throat, Event 5: 12 Hour Cut-throat

Extremely imbalanced.
Don't even bother trying to play a ranged character (at least with a bow)
Got one shot by every random flicker strike melee
Spent my whole time looking for portal and id scrolls coz i dropped them upon death
Awesome experience
Won't do it again :/
Im going to bed now... cant play for 12 hours. Was fun... but League sort of died out right now. Only me and Templar in cruel, and we cant invade anyone.

Ranked 3#

Also feedback on Glacial Hammer: One of the reasons Glacial Hammer is op is because its melee/range lunge is bugged as hell compared to Heavy Strike. You can kill people that are a half screen away, which can happen with heavy strike aswell, but not in the same degree as Glacial Hammer. Using flicker + glacial hammer is currently a op way to make sure u can catch people. Alot of other methods seems very poor.

Heavy Strike is actually a better skill later on, but because Glacial Hammer has this insane delay bug you still seem forced to use Glacial Hammer, because otherwise you cant catch people.

Not sure about my kills.... 30-60 kills? I did not die, and only logged out once. (me lvl 25 vs lvl 30 :D.)
Made it to #1 and I believe it will stay so even I don't play full 12h, which would end somewhere in A2 merciless.

I hunted Staph_Killing_me_please from my terrible act3 normal time, which was caused by horrible maps and an early rip against a lucky templar.
I had horrible dropluck and couldn't get a tribal maul till level 11 but I got lucky that I could invade a full cavern of anger with 3-4 other players.

My first 2 maps had a corrupted zone lower passage too.

This is how I progressed when Zoroxo was griefing lower levels, so I progressed while staying 7 levels under him, which is sadly a pain in the ass.


At some point he went offline and I had to catch up 10 levels to #1 which also resulted in stupid map layouts. Seriously can maps look even worse?


And then I finally got him by surprise. Actually he made a mistake that he didn't wonder that he wasn't first in Lunaris Level 2. And luckily(maybe tools involved he went straight to the me where I came from because once I entered his instance I already heard combat sounds close to me.


Oh yeah if somebody makes it to level 46 I give him a 5 linked death bow I found in A2 Cruel Forest.

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got to 29 a while ago but it seems its always the same 3-4people and then no one that you can invade around my level.. I could of kept leveling I guess but it would of made it even worse. I guess you cant really go past 20 if you want to pvp for hours and hours..

Thats what I ended with.. had no luck rolling lvl27 brass mauls after 4alchs and nothing better then my current mace that i had around hour 5 of the league.

Once you knew how to log out instantly game got pretty boring. Heart rate didnt really go up on this one, even killing was boring :( Somehow not satisfying, cause its either 2 or 3 hits and its over, opponent wont even get chance. Unless you just log out

Future events im not gonna go over lvl 15 anymore, the game doesnt really exist there, just keep suiciding NOT to hit lvl 16
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It's pretty amazing to me that they make these important test events that they want feedback on, but then don't immediately correct the exit bug that makes the feedback irrelevant. Hopefully they don't use this feedback for actually making functional changes.
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I have to say enjoyed the cut throat events, I'm a part time player and I really found this fun. I lasted the 12 hour event, got to lvl 14 in the final map on act 1 but I loved it. Running around trying to kill players, trying to avoid being killed.
I'd like to see more of it. This was a fun event.
Well done GGG.
I only played this league for a few hours. This is the second time I played cutthroat. I plan on playing the 6 hour league as well. Cutthroat is awesome! I can't wait for a long long term league once it is balanced.

My thoughts so far

- The difference in levels needs to be tighter or progressive. A level 30 vs level 38 is a much more equal fight than a level 2 vs level 10.

- Delay for alt/f4 or portal should be much shorter. PvP combat is much faster paced and doesn't need such a long timer as you die/ kill way faster than that.

- Trying to level/ progress is nearly impossible at times. Much higher level and higher geared players grief the zones. At one point it took me 8 tries to kill Hailrake. I was run off by level 10-12 players.

- Institute partying with friendly fire. Only partied groups should affect monster health. When I was trying to kill hailrake other players would enter and when I returned to fight hailrake after the zone was clear his hp pool was much higher. I can imagine people joining others fights with Vaal/ Dominus just to grief.

- If skills such as bear trap are available so early in the game a counter should also be available. Leap slam is the earliest counter I know of and it is after Brutus. It also is only usable by specific builds.

- In early game, and likely late game as well, if you die several times you will really struggle to have gear to even progress through the game much less PvP.

- There needs to be a place for people to "farm" safely. Maybe one or two zones per act are non PvP enabled but cannot drop rare/ unique items and currency is limited to scrolls? I think there should be very high incentive to play in PvP enabled zones but there also needs to be a place to gear up a bit.

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