Cut-throat, Event 5: 12 Hour Cut-throat

one more thing: imo, stash and chars should go to void league afterwards.
Otherwise it looks like many people are farming orbs for a few lucky ones.
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I think there should be a small section of safe zones as well as a few posters here, maybe start -> ledge, or maybe even all of act 1. In the last 4 hour cut-throat my target was to pvp @ act 2, but after getting there, there was only like 10 people playing :(. Low lvl pvp is heavily based on gear, so we need a way to farm at least super low lvl gear to get a small footing before pvp.

Just my $0.02
Kuka lähtee "partyssa" sumplimaan illan mättöjä? ois muksua vähän tiimissä kurnuttaa :)
league will be like :
-level up till ledge : 15mins
-pvp in ledge : 11 hours

some , about 20 ppl will just level like a robot without any reason
D3 treasure goblins's escape portal is an entrance to Wraeclast
I'd really appreciate either the invincibility timer on entering an instance remaining there even during movement, or a magic bubble around waypoints and entrances that prevents pking you before you've even loaded in.
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Holy desync. 15 min in and I'm done already. All I wanted in any of these CT was test one build and pvp in act3, but that's just not going to happen without the insane rng the ones running around ganking get/got.

Seriously the desync is just stupid bad, hire someone to do your networking already. Sheesh.
sorry but this race was just boring, felt like 10 players overall...

- no party, so a lot of player dont even participate
- losing all items at once makes a lot of players leave after death
- was able to invade a lvl 7 area/player as lvl 14 ????
- get oneshot/frozen to death by traps/glacialhammer
- i dont understand why you added a multiplier
there is sooo much desync, hard to even hit them a lot of the times.
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Desync, char select, and more. No fun when someone can just charselect when you're about to rightfully kill them :D
Killed Core boss - lv93 Disfavour Cycloner - waiting for achievement to be fixed please..
was fun while it lasted. Managed to stashin' yall 2x sadimas + 2x chaos

Still unbalanced, but I honestly don't see any way to really fix that.

And I'm not sure if it's because of the pvp multiplier. But I really do not think you should be able to freeze people 5 levels over you that's cold capped... Still managed to grief the guy out of a Vaal kill though :^)
CT should be around the art of PKing and not griefing lower levels.
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