just a quick question. Im finally working my way towards BM and i was wonder which is a better support gem ? life leech or life on hit? im an elemental ranger btw
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I havent tried life leech yet only return on hit just recently when I finally got a 4-linked socket piece with the right colors. I use it with lightning arrow, lesser multiple projectiles and fork. With a group of mobs i can top myself from near death to full(almost 1,5k hp) in one or two shots. You can also get return on hit on items that stack with this gem as opposed to life leech on items that only works with physical damage. As far as i know life leech is also an over-time ability and is capped at 20% total hp/s so you would have to take the passive if you wanted to make it instant but that prevents you from using flasks to replenish life.

Hope this helps.
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Crazyjoe got it right.

I would just add that physical damage ranger will definitely benefit from Life leech in mid-to-late game a lot more than elemental damage ranger.

I have tested both Life leech and Life on Hit (LL & LOH) on my ranger (physical damage). I have used Split arrow with Pierce. I had around 1k HP at that time. Results were very impressive with both but LoH was a working slightly better on big packs due to instant HP gain. I assume that once I have 2k HP and mid-game damage range, LL will take over in single and even multi-target situation.

low lvl=life on hit
elemental dmg build=life on hit
hight physical dmg=life leech

life leech rely on physical dmg only, so you need to do a decent amount of dmg to make it better then life on hit.

also if you are using a fast weapon,life on hit will be better,if you use slow weapon with hight hit dmg,life leech will be way better.

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thanks guys
Actually, if you use the life leech gem, it effects all of your damage, physical and elemental. The gem was designed this was so it could be used in connection with spells as well. That being said, use LoH if you hit very fast, or a lot of targets for a small amount of damage (whirling blades comes to mind).

Also, note that life leech is capped as such: You can only leach 20% of your max life per second. You do leech all the life you drained, but if you leech more than 20% of your life in 1 second, it will take more than 1 second to get all of it.

LoH, on the other hand, is instantanuous. So, if you have low HP, LoH is very nice to have. Or, try to use both. :)
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If this is the case, why does my Life Leech gem not work with my Lightning Strikes gem?

I have double red linked sockets on my boots, one socket is Life Leech, the other Lightning strikes and I receive nothing in return.

I use Ghost Reaver passive point so that Life Leech instead goes to my ES, and yes I have tested this for roughly an hour and I receive 0 ES back from Lightning Strike 100% of the time.

My name ingame is KarmaShad, offering something as a reward if you can figure out why.

As an extra, my Life Leech gem DOES work when linked to Dual Strike.
life leech doesn't round up to 1. if you do less than 100 damage you won't get anything back
Would you be able to use both a life on hit and life leech at same time?
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