Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #1

Partyb wrote:
How about not releasing this new content and fixing problems that are with the game. THe two things that should be fixed are a "Real" mac port and not a work around crated by a fan. (Although it is nice to play on my Mac Book, and thank you to the fan who made it possible.) And Fix the desync problem!!

Programming/coding is but 1 department in a game development studio.
If it doesn't touch the client then we can't ban for it. -Chris
Completed 14 ChallengesLasso wrote:
hopefully it gives a buff to Blood magic users and punish CI users.[...]

Is is a joke? CI users already got too much nerfed, not viable anymore. Life based builds are really better than CI now.
Maybe are you talking about guys with Shavronne's Wrappings? They are low life builds, not CI... And they use blood magic gem!
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notice how the word corrupted is in red. what else is the only thing in red in that location on a tooltip? the unidentified status indicator. Im guessing corrupted means you only have some of its stats, until you un-corrupt it, when it unlocks the rest of its stats. Then that process will probably use up some resources.
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So i guess you won't be adding an item's "ITEM LEVEL" to its tooltip/info in this update (as i guessed from the item shown) ? People still have to lift the item in mid air and at the same time, type /itemlevel to see what it's item level is, which half of the players don't know about. What's with the whole mystery, lel?

Please guys, let's be practical and not act like it's all part of the core game and doesn't need changing.

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