1.0.6b Patch Notes

Stop snapshotting?

Ironically, being able to grab corpses so quickly and without hassle was the reason why I didn't feel I needed to snapshot for most of the content I do currently. Wasn't an inconvenience if a specter bit the dust.

Now I will "need" to snapshot. By the time they fix snapshotting (which should have been the priority), the gem will be 20. (Well, actually, I don't play enough, so maybe next season.)
Why is steam downloading the patch again 5 seconds after it just downloaded and installed it? The last time this happened was in November when the patch had to be pulled and fixed before being sent out again a few minutes later.
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Extremely discouraging to read the "fix" for Desecrate.

Makes absolutely no sense to mess with the upper range of the gem. If the change was limited to only the lower range, such as GEM LEVEL 14 and under then sure, but to adjust higher ranges is a 100% downgrade in enjoyment for this game.

Bad call.
Any chance that Lightbane Raiment can be hotfixed? It's damage was insanely nerfed on the latest patch and now it is useless.

Before it did 4% of the enemies max hp.

4% of a 5000 hp white mob = 200 dps
4% of a 50,000 hp unique mob = 2000 dps

Now it does a measly 75 flat dps. What gives?
Qarl wrote:
Version 1.0.6b
  • Improved the minion AI regarding when they'll switch targets based on your actions.
  • Fixed an issue where Raging Spirits could cause arrows to magnify in size.
  • Fixed a bug where corpses created by Desecrate weren't limited by the level requirement of the gem.
  • Fixed a client crash with Searing Bond.
Oh No!!

I really liked that the Zombies (especially) that my trigger gems raised ran off in any direction distracting monsters from attacking me.

So they're not going to do that now?

Playing almost every day since Beta version 0.9.1 in 2011.
Well that's...disappointing.
Completed 10 ChallengesPowerturnip wrote:
Does this mean it's useless with detonate dead now?

Yes, it means the gem is effectively useless now.
Not sure what they did to desecrate but there isn't any tool tip update.
So now I need to level the gem to 19+ before I can use it to raise spectres again, sad face. And I wasn't leveling it because I had no open gem slots, sad face x2.
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> Fixed a bug where corpses created by Desecrate weren't limited by the level requirement of the gem.

I was just starting to really enjoy my summoner too.

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