[1.2] Oldschool, cheap and noobfriendly "Sword&Board" Marauder

Have you given it any thought as to what skill tree you want to go past where you have now? I love this build so far !
I'm slowly heading towards Scion Lifewheel and Berserking. I removed 2 points in Ranger zone and the 12% resist elements at Duelist and grabbed "Berserking".

Looks like this right now: Level 85

Within the next 4 Levels I will go for the 12% Life Node in the lifewheel, then up to the right to "Path of the Warrior" (if I ever get that far which I doubt).

I'm finally sitting on 20/20 Reave and levelling the other core gems after "20% quality GCP recipe"-ing them...

Not much gear progression however... :-(

Still looking jealously at the 500+ DpS swords on poe.xyz... ;)

Edit: oh lol, I still had a useless fire resist node in marauder zone... That lets me reach the 12% life in 3 levels, not 4.
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Thanks for the update. I am only 62 so far but I like having a direction to follow. Someone gave me a 250 dps sword that really boosted my DPS a ton, I can't imagine a 500+ DPS one. My other gear is mostly self found. I am finding resist to be the hardest thing to keep high personally.

is the only good self found item I have so far.

Completed 19 ChallengesMouadieb wrote:
I am finding resist to be the hardest thing to keep high personally.

While leveling, there's nothing wrong with speccing in and out of the resist nodes in the marauder zone, depending on what gear you are using.

But sure, keeping your resists up is always the hardest part...


I just yolo exalted 31% additional ipd hybrid roll on my sword... :)

(dmg went up from 139% to 170%)

That's what I call an upgrade!
Sometimes this game loves me... Though most of the time it doesn't... ;)
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Is what I am using for now. It was given to me by a very nice player.

So, I just got my first 5L chest

I have another 5S that has better armor but I can't seem to 5L it. Is the loss in armor by about 300, which to me doesn't seem like much, worth using the 5L?

Thanks for your help. This build has been everything I was looking for and more!
Completed 19 ChallengesMouadieb wrote:

Is the loss in armor by about 300, which to me doesn't seem like much, worth using the 5L?

Hell yeah!
Maybe throw a couple of scouring/alch on the torso, because right now stats are horrible...

Interested in one of those?

That first sword looks nice. I am on now, RamziesTheButcherIII

did what you suggested. I like this better
I started running this build a little over a week ago and briefly ran out of steam while I looked for a sword to take me 50+. I managed to find one much cheaper than I thought I'd have to pay and I've been hammering through levels ever since, hitting 70 today. This build is very solid for the content I've hit so far. I've only got two other characters I've gotten to maps and they've ran into mana limitations, which is when I came upon this build and gave it a go. Once I gave up on mana leech and went to life leech gear and blood magic linked to my reave in my BoR things came together nicely.

It took me some experimenting to find I liked concentrated effect more than the normal reave AoE. The damage just outdoes the utility of a bigger AoE.

I got hooked on the enfeeble curse for builds like this one but keeping intelligence high enough to use it is tricky. I have it linked with cast on damage taken and cast on stun along with enduring cry and find it works well for me so far.

I've got my buffed dps up to about 16k with this nice sword I picked up for 7ex
and I've been hammering through 66/67 maps since I hit 67 with just about every modifier I've come across except temporal chains because I'm impatient. My only deaths so far have been due to my own stupidity, so I quite like this build. I tried to change a couple things when I was leveling but ended up following your build exactly.

So what I need now is a nice shield with armor, intelligence and at least two resistances to replace what I'm using now. Atziri's Mirror is doing great for me so far but I could really use ~1000 armor more than I can use the ~800 evasion I'm getting from Atziri's. I've also considered daresso's courage but I really need that intelligence if I'm going to keep using enfeeble. I guess I could start using a lower level enfeeble.

When my altaholic tendencies take over again I may give a duelist verison of this build a go... but they do look kind of goofy in a BoR, though :D Maybe I'll hold off on a duelist until I get a 6L to use with him haha
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seems a good build for noobs
but just one thing ,80% of players who just started may not even have 10c let alone 7ex to buy a BOR or a 6linked torso

can you think of some gearing that doesnt make BOR or 6linked chest mandatory

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