1.0.6: Adding Notes to Friends

Content update 1.0.6 is very likely to include the ability to add notes to people on your friends list. For new friends added after this patch, the note defaults to "Added as character [Name]". You can change the note by right clicking the friend and choosing "Edit Note". We're currently expecting to deploy 1.0.6 on Wednesday, New Zealand time.

It's amazing how frequently this feature was requested!
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It's amazing how frequently this feature was requested!

... especially on reddit.
ign: @Tashur
Good stuff. I'm gonna have to delete everyone on my friends list and start fresh it looks like.
IGN: Aux
Great feature keep up the good work
I like it.
At last. Thanks! <3
ign: tate
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revenant summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1523047
loot filter: http://rofl.fi/tatedd.filter
Amazing update, thanks!
I have no friends :(
Free friends list respec lmfao
i dont have friend yet :C

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