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1.0.5 Patch Notes

all hail these patch notes!
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Yaay patch notes!
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only 3 seconds? It should be like 10 minutes...
estu87 wrote:
aw cast on crit nerf, get mad people.

It's not a nerf if it was a .25 second cd then it would of been gutted and I would of uninstalled the game.

.10 is not even noticeable.
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So is the trade chat thing global or per channel? Used to going through the channels spamming.
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ᕙ༼ຈلຈ༽ᕗ GGG
HOLY SHIT! FINALLY TY GGG! THX FOR THE TRADE CHAT ANTI SPAM MEASURES! Crit Fireball Caster - Warbands Aura Bot - Warbands Agony Crit Trapper - 1 Month Fb HC Agony Crit Trapper - Rampage Physical Crit Staff Guide - Domination
Added a buff icon for being under the effects of Proximity Shield.

This was already in the game :P
buffs to searing bond HYPE
yes fix the shitty low end maps when shipyard is still totally broken near impossible to do full clears

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