[1.0.4] Summoner, Fastest clearer ~ [Animate Guardian/Burning Miscreations]

tidus1492 wrote:
Are you using leveled cast on death gem? the 300%+ multiplier is pretty key, along with negative fire resist from curses and 280 edps from dyadus. With the setup I mention in build my Guardian 1 shots most white mobs in a large aoe radius, kills most blues in 1-2 hits, and can kill kole on his own at a decent speed with no danger.

i too am a bit confused as to how my 6 CoD zombies are not as good as 1 CoD animate guardian, but the key here is the use of a high end weapon.

after all, we don't really know what the base damage of a zombies is, but it's almost certainly much, much lower than 280 epds. and putting CoD multipliers on that much damage seems like a good thing :-)

can't wait to level up an animate guardian and try this.
Burning miscreation's skill is a DOT, fire penetration doesn't work with it. Remote mine/increased burning damage are better supports.

also minion life is important for BM since theire unrighteous fire keys from life.
Ummm noob question here.

Can you reuse your Guardian gear?
tidus1492 wrote:
The animate guardian (AG) reloads each time you zone. When this happens, the gems linked to AG are checked and applied. Simply create the animate guardian without the gem equipped, and then equip the cast on death gem afterwards and you're done. If you are worried that you may die, unequip the cast on death gem after zoning into a map, or else if you die you will cast AG and overwrite one of his items (almost always weapon, don't ask me how I know this).

Question, are you sure simply having cast on death linked to animate guardian will boost it's stats? Don't you have to... die first?

Seems like a big investment for this, (~5 exalted?) into just animate guardian's gear set that are permanently consumed. I guess people waste more than that daily on rolls but still, I'd be very sad if he ended up dying due to lag or desych.
Never played a necro before -- curious though, why not get entropy? Does it not stack with burning miscreants?
Question. I run my build around 5L spectre with Burning miscreations, but my linkage is like this:

Spectre + Minion life + Minion Dmg + Increased Burning dmg + Life Leech

Also for aura's I use: Clarity + Vitality + Discipline.

I rarely use my skeletons (usually just to get my zombies/spectre's up and running), so instead I usually put down a rejuv totem.

My reasoning for this is I assume I am giving my minions more survivability, but would I be better off swapping life leech for fire pen?

What are your thoughts? Because honestly I feel a little silly with not being able to kill merciless Piety without having to finish her off with skeletons because everything else dies.
Fakepott wrote:

Dead build. Burning Miscreations were nerfed and Cast on Death was made to not work with minion spells, so the two core mechanics of this build no longer exist.
And then Boem said, "You're a goat eating a toilet, so you are absolved of any and all errors."

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