Please explain the "Make an offer" mentality...


i got a shop too with a lot of rares and other craps
and why i waiting for offer? because mostly items there worthless for me, but for someone can be usefull, because of x-y stats or whatever~
so the question is: how much worth for you to got that item :)
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i use the make me an offer of what youre willing to pay tops for it when ive some rare i cant really tell when asking a few friends and reddit global 5055 (very nice people there usually but chat is less filled with trolls so sometimes its boring ) anyway back to the topic at hand.

people usually dont have a degree in PoE prices for different kind of rares and uniques.
thus they are 8/10 times honest when they ask for an offer.
those 2/10 times its a neckbeard trying to get more then he could by exploiting the unawareness of the needy.
he also sucks most of the time at playing himself solo so he needs to up his ego by grping with 9auras and 3 ranged while he is running around like a headless chicken.
then he plays a map on his own and realises how much he actually sucks so he goes back to trying to rip people off.

this is scientifically proven btw.
the more you trade the worse you become at actual gameplay which matters.
sure you can sit on good items and have a vast knowledge of communitywide acceptable prices but in the end you´re still a sucker and you dont deserve the items you´ve.

this is an edgy post and i´m halfsrs about it.
the other half of scammers / rippers are just clever folk which cant be fucked to grind 10 hours a day and want to make a quick buck by selling "trash".

a story of my own.
a guy was putting in hyroglpyh kind of "wtb fusings : chaos : chisels" random values inbetween.
when i offered him chisels for his chaos he told me to l2read.
what followed was me copypasting his msg and thus he got offended that im stupid and should read.
i simply replied in the same tone that "nevermind you are retarded" put him on ignore and didn´t gave it a 2nd thought.

if there is a misunderstanding you can be nice about it and try to clear it up.
sadly most people nowadays forgot that there is another person behind the screen talking to you trying to get more fun out of the game by trading you.
not some malicious being that is out there to get your pixel monies.

keep this in mind and maybe in the future you will be less of an immature annoyance to the rest of us tired traders.
Completed 24 Challengesmajesw wrote:
reboticon wrote:

I'm not trolling, I would sell that ring for 3 chaos.

I would sell it for 2-3, but im speaking from a standard league point of view...

I'm speaking from domination point of view and I feel the same way. In HC leagues it would be lucky to get even that because of no life roll. I'm not saying it isn't worth as much as that guy says, because if it fits his build PERFECT, then it is worth that much to him. That is why people say "offer?"

I paid 5 chaos for this ring:

in domination.

Now to some people, that might be a shit ring, but I am an Aegis facebreaker and I farm dominus. Highest physical bracket, intelligence, huge rarity. If it had life roll + 1 resist, I think it would be worth multiple exalts.

This ring, I also would consider to be worth a ton. It was my reward from fairgraves quest on my first domination character.
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I do reasonably well as a solo player who maintains a shop. I don't have prices on everything simply because I enjoy the haggling process and interested in seeing if a player takes a few moments of their time to work out a deal. Even when I have a buyout price I usually accept a counteroffer (which has amounted to 99.9% of the time lately). I will probably never be swimming in exalts but do enough wheeling and dealing to keep my characters geared for maps or experiment with builds.
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When I get a seller who wants to play the offer dance, I usually just tell them I'm looking for a buyout price and not going to waste my time making offers. Sometimes the seller gives me a price and we go from there, other times no reply. The people who don't give me a price, I just ignor. Just so I don't run into them again. As for when I'm selling, I only sell shit worth half an exalt or higher, and I always set a buyout. If no one buys it out within 1-2 days, I reduce the buyout. If at any point someone makes me a decent offer that isn't exactly my asking price, I just tell them I'll sell within 24 hrs if no one offers a higher amount.
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Here's another way to look at it.

YOU are browsing the items, YOU should have an idea how much YOU'RE willing to pay for it.

sometimes the seller just doesn't know the actual worth of an item.

I've sold certain rings which i considered crappy, yet it turns out that due to a certain combination of stats it was worth a lot.

Offer = what you as the buyer is willing to pay in order to obtain that item.

Don't like it, don't trade. - there's your auction house.
I dont understand the attitude of those sellers

When i'm selling and item and i ask the guy to make an offer, if he answer with a low ball , instead of ignoring him and insulting him , i reply with my buyout price and then we barter and come to an agreement...

quite simple
Anyone with a WTS list in trade chat that doesn't have prices listed... I don't bother looking at what they are selling
Completed 21 ChallengesGaltrovan wrote:
Anyone with a WTS list in trade chat that doesn't have prices listed... I don't bother looking at what they are selling

yeah more and more i'm doing this also
+1 to OP.

This has bugged me for years, and isn't a PoE specific problem but almost every online game has this problem. PoE just happens to be more painful because of how discombobulated the 'currency' system is.

If someone is going to say "make me an offer" and then refuse to haggle they've got their heads so far up their !@#$ they're not even worth dealing with.

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