1.0.4 Deployment Timeline, New Awards, Stash Tab Sales and more!

Content Update 1.0.4 is still on track for release on Monday, NZ time. We're expecting to post the Patch Notes then also. The video showing features and content of the patch should be ready within the next 24 hours for you to check out. Award season is going well! In addition to GameSpot's PC Game of the Year award, we've also received "Best RPG" from Games.on.net and "Best Pseudo-MMO" from Massively.

The Anarchy/Onslaught challenge shirts have arrived! We'll be shipping them out in approximately a week - damn Christmas stealing our workers and delaying the postal system ;)

An internal meeting today covered a lot of the specifics of what we have planned for our major content update in early March. I am very keen to start teasing that content with cryptic screenshots and obscure references to Albino Rhoa Feathers and white socket vendor recipes.

One of the things I've been looking forward to about next week is finding time to do the next Build of the Week episode. They take most of a day to put together, so it's remarkably hard to find a clear day to handle that. The character we have lined up is very cool, so I'm looking forward to filming it!

This Saturday we're running a daily deal on Stash Tab Bundles. Sunday's deal is the individual Upgrade to Premium Tabs. Make sure to ensure you have enough tabs for a holiday season full of item finding :)
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Chris what happened to the Build of the WeekMonth videos? I meant the one you said you had almost done a few weeks ago. lol

I hope someone posts a pic of the new shirts.:-)
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Chris, you rule!
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Waiting on that PvP info!
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Awesome! Still anticipating the PvP patch! Let's go!
Keep rollin out the good stuff!
Thanks for the update
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Chris, how about Winter sale :D

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