Calling all New Zealanders/Kiwis

Just want to add, if you're in Auckland, GGG is recruiting support staff. Connect for details.
DIV is clearly too easy because even I got a character to level 100 in a mere 60 hours. Playtime so far:600 hours. Nowhere near done with it. PoE was always just a holdover for me. It never clicked the way DIV did.

And yes, I am farming and using the game's only glowing sword. ^_^
Oh my, would love a job with these guys, that would be epic. Im not someone able to code or anyhting on that side of things, wonder if they need there coffees made
Sorry, not from NZ myself, but I've been there. Nice country. Still, this seemed like the perfect thread to post this in. Not sure why.

Auckland here playing this great game, and the "kiwi" was good
IGN: Necro_monster/ Distressed
Dunedin checking in!

Hey there. From Auckland. Just registered. :D
Wellington Massif, fairly new to ARPG but lovvvving that this is kiwi and bloody good fun too!

Another Aucklander here. Everyone, feel free to add me.

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