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Don't forget this is still beta.

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Impressive that is alot of changes and alot of hard work Thank You !
The question is... Have you actually tried CI? Have you played a character with it in an economy that lacks endgame ES gear? It's not that amazing in truth. You'll die more than once. The only time I've ever seen CI become OP was with gear that would suffice to beat endgame with single pieces rather than a whole set... Until I saw, CI + GR that is. If you have a fair bit of ES with GR, you'll never die with a caster's damage. On the plus side, it looks like HP/ES is a fair bit stronger, so some witches may go that route.

If chaos were actually more of a threat than less of one now, I'd probably try to use HP/ES in the endgame. For now, I'm going to do my usual race tactics, get up to endgame, and abuse the fuck out of GR with the boost life leech gems. The increased costs of auras and required attributes worry me, especially since the slightly buffed haste aura will likely require enough dex to ruin most of the buff for non-dex users.

Honestly, all this does to a CI is make it utterly worthless until further in the endgame. This was not something I wanted to see, since it is an entire playstyle that keeps getting pushed further back. If you have godly gear, the change won't even matter to you; you'll still be stronger than nicely geared people were with CI before. You just have to WAIT now.
This helps clear some questions up, thank you for the details!
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How does Zealot's Oath work on all the different ways to gain life?

life per second <- Im sure this one applies but what about the others
life on hit
leech life
(any others I didn't list)
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DrKrills, assuming it follows the pattern set by map mods, it should only affect Life Regeneration. Life on Hit, Life Leech, and flasks (recovery) are wholly different mechanics.
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0.10.0, or Open Beta, has a number of differences from 0.9.13.

We will continue to add skills to the game. On the short list of items to add are - Power Charge creating skills for casters, Axe and Sword skills, and Area of Effect skills for claw users. After that, there are still many more skills and supports to be added.

Made my day!! Can't wait!!
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How is he, the old chap? We haven't heard from him in ages. :)
Pants? Bah. Who needs pants when you're exiled. Theres magic and other more important things to pay attention to.
I can't wait until tomorrow , im so exited :D

Finally my real D3 dream can come true <3
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the notes say that "Monsters now list what elements they are vulnerable to".

Monsters already say what they are resistant to, so doesn't it stand to reason the other elements are what they are vulnerable to?
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