Open Beta - design changes

This is huge!
Great work, Qarl; thanks.
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Yay patchnotes!

*gets out reading glasses*
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Sounds good thx, now to find the full patch notes :)
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Just finished reading the patch notes, time to read this one!
Thanks for posting this!
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Good stuff :)
"We have a lot of Diamond unique items to add to the game."
Wow, I know people love the game but I didn't think there were that many diamond supporters.

I don't like the Quicksilver flask idea. Losing an hp/mp regen flask for movement speed is unacceptable and that's why I believe phaserun was used instead.

I'd like a 6th flask slot that can only be used for non HP/MP flasks.
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Thanks for the well written explanations about the changes! :)
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Best patch explanation EVER!! So clear, nothing hidden. Thank you for being so transparent.

We don't want content to become easy, if its easy theres no challenge and it quickly becomes boring. (Take Diablo 3 for example):D

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