How the Open Beta launch will work

I Cant Wait !!
Yeeessssssssssssssssssssss i am so effin pumped for this, thank you GGG and best of luck in the launch :)

The game does not adapt to you, you adapt to it.
You guys are the best Devs a Gamer can dream of, keep up the good work! <3 <3 <3
I would love to see the traffic graph for the first 6-8 hours of OB.
"I would have listened... I would have understood!" - Scion

Have you removed Asus ROG/GameFirst yet?
I was about to buy beta key, until i read open beta starts in a couple hours. will it go free to play then? or should i still buy a key?
Is it possible to pre-download the open beta updates sooner then the 2 hours before launch?
Wont be home untill launch so i'd like to be ready :D?
Its been a long wait.
"My father was a watch maker. He abandoned it when Einstein discovered time is relative. I would only agree that a symbolic clock is as nourishing to the intellect as a photograph of oxygen to a drowning man." - Dr.Manhattan
I can't wait!
Wade Gram
Can't wait till open beta!! :D

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