How the Open Beta launch will work

kingmare wrote:
i just hope all rush of players wont crush servers and get huge lags in game.

Of course it will. No matter how well they've (thought they) anticipated things, I'm sure the initial rush of 'free-to-play' folks will go well above and beyond even their upper-limit expectations. Chris has already alluded to having to order many more last-minute on-demand servers based on the past couple of days of activity.

We fully expect the first week or so to be a general cluster**** signing in, let alone playing. Same as with DII, DIII, WOW, SWO, and any other online game that's had a new release.

Kinda par for the course, at this point, really. That's why some of us know never to sign in on day one...


Folks just need to learn to be patient, is all. The game will still be here a week from now, know what I mean guys? ;)

Then, a month from now, when a lot of folks will have burned through the game and 'declared it dead' already...

...the rest of us will be happily chewing on what GGG's given us - without all those 'churn-n-burners' in the way. :)

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I am so looking forward to trying out the new additions and changes. This is how a game should be made. Thank you for putting in the hard work and effort to make a game that is about the gamers. Keep up the good work.
Yeah, I'm gonna crash now so I can wake up and play this bad boy!
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My Shop:
It's open beta right now, right? But I can't enter the game... This is what is says when I try to enter the game.

''Connecting to login server...
Connected to login server.
Authenticating user...
Access to the game is not currently enabled on this account.
An unexpected disconnection occurred.''

So what is this? Do I need to activate something to play in the open beta? Is it the servers that are messing with me?

Please tell me how to fix this.
Hannesleek wrote:

So what is this? Do I need to activate something to play in the open beta? Is it the servers that are messing with me?

Please tell me how to fix this.

Here's an idea:

==> You need to WAIT until the game is actually AVAILABLE.

Try again in seven hours, mate. ;)

Good luck with the launch, upgraded to Silver hope the small amount extra will get you guys a couple cold ones! Love your idea and look forward to your success. Thanks!
Man I'm really looking forward to this, want to see act 3 :)

I even bought the Silver Pack today, because I love your work so much GGG!!


The first post in this Thread gives you the answer.
The open Beta starts when the timer is at 0! (about 7 hours from now)

Hannesleek wrote:
Please tell me how to fix this.

Wait till the countdown on the login screen hits 0:0:0:0, then try again.
Completed 29 Challenges_D_S_ wrote:
ant to see act 3 :)

Who wants to guess who will be "first to enter city of sarn"? ^^
(Or whatever the first area behind Vaal's pyramid chamber will be called)
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