||||||||| THE UNDERGROUND ||||||||| Maps, Loot, Fun & Friendly Gaming!

All the requirements needed are on the first page of this thread. :)


Want to join? Add Archon_TU or RupertusMaximus as a friend in-game.

THE UNDERGROUND is an 18+ casual guild that encourages teamwork, VOIP (Ventrilo) gameplay, organized grouping and sharing of items.


Members of TU will work hard showing our drive, endurance, guts and determination. You must be 18+ to join. Exceptions may be made for family members that want to play together: IE. father + son.

The most important rule we have is - have fun. It's a game. We're here to relax and play the way that our individual playstyle brings. Play your way and enjoy it!


The following items define the expectations that The Underground has for its membership.

Representing The Underground
When in game you should always be representing The Underground in a manner that treats other players with respect, encourages enjoyment of the game, and maintains and increases the reputation of the guild.

Respect All Players
Keep it civil. If someone starts some chat drama, put them on ignore and carry on.

Do not Violate GGG's Rules
If you violate the Terms of Service by doing things such as using a stated exploit you will be removed from the guild.
M4nW1th0utF34r - changes buyouts last minute, not to be trusted.

IGN: TestosticlesisHard - level 85 Dual Wield Physical Sword Ranger
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i read that, what i wanted to now is maybe something changed and you need to be x lvl y class z build.

in that case would like to join
I am interested if you guys are fine with a pack of zombies running around.
Gamer1975 wrote:
...is an 18+ casual guild...

POE "guild"
Hi i'm interested in joining, hit me up in game: Shock_eh
IGN: Shock_eh / Skipsta
Sounds like a good team, love to join up from time to time. I dont go in for VoIP though,I talk all day for a lving then theres family so by the time I'm on POE I'm done :) add me I'm usually on in the evenings, EST, IGN MrPin of LeonardOfQuirm
Hi. I've been play POE for a couple of weeks now. I'm looking for a guild. I'm east coast and mostly play after 7 or 8pm. Still looking for recruits?

hello, I have a couple characters at 80 plus, nothing special, really looking for a guild that is social on vent/ mumble. oh and maps, any and all maps
ign is Chloe_dancer
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