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bump, we need more fun but mature people to run maps :)
ign: Darlay | Kreell | Theseion | LittleEddy | Krelyana


I would like to throw down a testimony and say that these guys are legit. You will have a lot of quality fun.

Keen to see people ingame.

Smoother than Smooth.
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Up, Up and more ups!
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I'm interested in joining TU if you're still looking for more. Level 54 witch. Looking for a friendly group to team up with.

IGN: Whisperanz

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Bump, hitting level 82 and looking for more players.
Meepz! *runs to the Lab!* EVIL GENIUSES! :D
Sounds like a good group for me.

If there's still room, sign me up.

IGN: TheSwamper
In a very grind heavy game the death penalty equates to...more grinding.

We still need 75+ people for mapping!
If you have Experience it would be nice...
If you don't have amazing gear its ok, just know how to play and have a good build, you will get geared as we go!
Please though, have at the very least a basic grasp of how to craft items, and what bases are best at what itemlevels for your character at the very least, if not others! :)
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TheMidgetCowAmbush (Level 91.7 Buzzsaw Ranger --- Ambush)
TheMidgetCowBurns (Level X LowLife RF Scion --- Ambush)
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/348309/page/1 --- Legacy Guide to CI Leapslam Templar
Bumping this thread! we still looking for a good bunch of people to add to the roster. thanks.
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IGN: TestosticlesisHard - level 85 Dual Wield Physical Sword Ranger
any specific requirements ?

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