Beating Nemesis without rares or uniques

Sam the scrub goes onto an RmT website. He loads up his shopping cart with all sorts of shiny unique items and a big pile of orbs. Than he stares at the content for several minutes straight dreaming of them being his. Than he notices the price tag on the cart. Far too high. Sam removes some of the items from his kart with tears in his eyes until he is at a more reasonable price

"All these orbs for only $20? I'd finally be able to afford the gear I need to play!" Sam proceeds and just before he is about to hand his credit card number over to the chinese he exits the browser "I'd probably just get banned anyway" Sam the scrub cries himself to sleep dreaming about chaos orbs.

The next day he logs on to grind docks on normel and is killed by a fire dog because he had only 15 fire resist. Sam than goes onto the GGG forums and makes a post filled with misspelling screaming at GGG that the game can't be beaten without perfectly rolled gear and the drop chances need to be increased.

Sam is an idiot and I intend to prove it. I will go through all of nemesis. From the lowly stranded shores to the highest point of the tower of god wearing no rares and no unqiues. Just the ordinary magic items Sam doesn't even pick off the ground. My newcharacter will not receive hand-me downs from my main. I will also try to minimize how much I trade with other players and naturally I will solo all the hard stuff.

Follow my adventures and don't be a Sam.

Whisper StormFromOutzone to see if I'm still alive (I am)


Decide to start my journey as a storm caller witch. Being completly broke I have to pick up space-efficient white items off the ground to vendor for scrolls.I pick up every single magic item I find and vendor them for transmutes.

The RNG gods are on my side gifting me with a great wand,shield which I'm still currently using

I kill mervil easily. Act 1 normel is easy.

Act 2 begins and it ends just as quickly as act 1. Zombies make good tanks and storm-call can nuke enemies off-screen for 133 damage per cast. Amber amulet gives me enough strength to
wear armor gear and make me indestructable.

I found a sweet 3 link chest but it was rare so I scoured than trasnmuted it. And people say crafting is worthless!

I helped oak because oak is a bro and I'm gonna max my resists without kraityns smelly ass!

Vaal is dead and I'm in act 3 now.

Current gear and skill tree


Going through act 3 killing stuff thing so fast my zombies can never keep up with me. Usless pets.
Rescued that chick with goggles and got an enfeeble gem incase the game actually gets hard.
Upgraded my pots so now I'm stronger than ever.
Face-tanked piety in the cremitorium using 2 topaz rings.

Was going through warehouse when HOLYSHIT DEYNC enemies are frozen in place, not moving or taking damage. I hit /oos OMG IT DOESNT WORK GGG WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME. I try to exit the client like a scrub BUT THE CLIENT IS FROZEN TOO. Quickly thinking I rip the power cord from my computer. Log back on and I'm still alive. Go update your fucking servers Chris.

I'm done for tonight!

Current gear and passive set up and passive tree


In act 3 normel now

Never played Nemesis before so I'm learning these mods as I go along. Holy shit some of them are scarey. I just fought one of those rare discharger with spllit. I could have ran from him but I'm not a coward. I charged in and oblitered it, nearly dying. He didn't drop anything good.

Did my first trade. Sold a pretty good rare rare for some transmute orbs. The guy I was selling it was telling me how afraid he was of fighting normel dominus. What a fucking coward.

Sold 6 chance orbs for 20 transmutes also.

Without any node or gear support my zombies are pretty shitty tanks now. They are still usful at distracting rare monsters for a few seconds.

Enfeeble has become my best friend. Still using that wand I found in act 1. I'm finding the movment speed roll on my boots to be my most powerful defense. I'm saving up quicksilver flasks to craft 30 move speed boots for my end game shoes.

Half my gear is crafted.

I have got some trash white weapons in my second slot to level up miscialinous gems in case I need them later.

I'm doing all the optional quests in act 3 getting ready to kick piety's ass.

I have 74+ in all elemental resists as a witch 917 health at level 34
Thats right Nearly max resists without any rares or unqiues.

Here is my currrent gear and tree


I was running through the hedge maze. When a rare devourer COMES OUT OF THE GROUND LIKE A DEMON FROM HELL. I run around a corner to lose line of site on it. He's waiting, guarding fairgraves fruit. He also has that damn fractured mod so even if I kill him a dozen of his spawn are going to surround me kill me instantly I could have taken a detour and skipped the boss but that wouldn't be fun.

I inch my way forward and find there is a certain area where I can attack the devourer and he will just sit there and do nothing. Reminds me of a lot of NES like kid icarus where the bosses had a blind spot. So I kill the guy and than of course one dozen worms come up and I instantly die.

I'm kidding of course. I pop a quicksilver just as the devourer dies, run backwards with the things chasing me. Split them up in the maze and hunt them down one by one like I'm the fucking predator. When I got the fruit and told fairgraves what happened he was so surprised that he started screaming and than exploded.

Heres a tip for you. If the only currency worth trading is 2 alchemy orbs you buy a granite flask. 4000+ armor makes you a god in the early game. So thats what I did with the tiny amount of cash I had. My bank is nearly nearly completly empty. Just a few transmutes, alts, and chromes I have reserved for future crafting.

I have max resists and 1k health as I head to fight piety. I storm through her dungeon and blow up everything. Deadly shield charges are easily side-stepped. If I am caught off guard I swallow a potion instead. If I have no potion I enfeeble. Enemies rarely last long enough to attack more than once anyway. I dance around brutus dodging his attacks and hitting back every time he misses. Nothing can fucking stop me.

I reach piety and its just a routine win. I face tank her lightning while throwing my own bolts at her, when she takes out her bow I hide behind cover while throwing pot shots at her. Her aim sucks mine doesnt. She gets desperate and goes into her fire form. I swallow granite and we trade blows. She falls I don't. My reward for killing her is a Hrimnor's Hymn. Too bad everyone else on the server already has 3.

I'm heading ontowards vaal now. Cruel mode awaits.

Here is my current build and gear

I'm still using those old movment speed boots. The kiting power they give is amazing

I've completly stopped using zombies but still level them in an off-weapon because theres nothing better to put in. I picked up purityo lightning and have been leveling incase I need it in merciless

I use conductivity curse on normel enemies and enfeeble on rares. On bosses I alternate based on what phase of pattern they are on.


I ascend the tower of god, these monsters with 'resist all' elements are annoying but a simple curse speeds things up.

I met that trap throwing unqiue. Easily the longest battle I've had. The bastard wouldn't stand still and I didn't want to risk face tanking him. We went back and forth like a western shoot out. I caught him with a few thunder strikes from off screen than he runs around and out of nowhere I've lost half my health. The cowboy dropped a magic belt with +29% fire resist. I augmented it and got +41 life. Nice upgrade before dominus not that I didn't have capped resist already.

The unique lizard enemy dropped a magic amulet that gives a whopping +61 life. I've gained over 100 life from these 2 items.

I reach the top and Dominus gives his usual taunt. I always thought modern games had really shitty boss-taunts (I blame that miserable puzzle game portal for it). I remember in golden axe the enemies would fucking laugh at you every time they hit you we should have that in poe. Probably would piss off a lot of scrubs.

I gotta admit. I think dominus is really over-rated as a boss. His minions are actually way more than dangerous than he is.

Fight starts off and I agro the enemies. I run around a bit not being very aggressive until I catch one seperated. Than I throw a curse on him and eat through his health. As long as you only engage them 1v1 there is no way they can ever burst you down. The minions drop like flys.

Dominus descends down from the sky and hovers around doing his lightning theme. He reminds me of castlevania's dracula: teleport fireball but this time its teleport lightning bolt. The difference is that dracula is actually hard.

Dominus himself is a really lously designed boss. Those bonding totems he has never seem to be aimed anywhere good to trap you. Dominus floats about and telepors seemingly at random. Eventually he stops to fire a pathetically weak lightning bolt at you. During this point you swallow some potions and trade blows with him. He has his hand of god attack but its so slow he can't hit you even with lag. Its just a tedious of game of waiting for dominus to stand still. The guy never actually does any damage.

Last form starts and of course its incredibly boring. I don't see how you scrubs manage to every die on this form. I'll tell you the secret right now.
Don't move. EVER
Just stand infront of him and trade blows. If he summons a melee minion ignore it, he will just die to aoe. If he summons a fire spitter just kill with a ranged attack (hint hint spectral throw). If shit goes bad chug potions, if you run out of potions use a town portal.

Anyway I managed to kill dominus's last form before he even summoned a firespitter. I never moved.

Now I'm in cruel with about 4 chaos worth of orbs to spend (2 pure chaos, 1 regret, 2 fuse).
Maybe I'll buy some support gems early so I can get them experience but theres also
end-game shopping to consider.
Got to budget carfully.

My elemental resist are still good even in cruel (65% is my lowest)

Here is my current equipment and gear.
I dont actually use purity and zombies they are just in my off-weapon gaining xp incase I need them later.

99% of content soloed. Only partied once to do a single dock run


With normel mode done I'm onto the part everyone is telling me is gonna be hard so its time to gather some more resources.

I create several new characters and rush them to the brutus quest and medicine chest quest to gather certain skill gems for my main character. The medicine chest is to build up a collection of quicksilver flasks for crafting better boots in the future. I join parties to speed up the process. Doing Brutus on a level 4 marauder is scary. My party members thought I was a fucking idiot. Looking back I should have done this way earlier because now these gems are underleveled.

I know have molten shell, decoy totems, and summon skeletons. Decoy and molten will be defensive tools. Summon skeletons will be used with a spell totem later.

While on my flask-runners I noticed a poor level 30 marauder screaming in general he needed a new weapon. I sold him that hammer hymn piety gave me for 1 alch shard 4 altertion orbs and 6 transmute orbs. Low level trading is embarssing. I also sold another guy a pretty good level 30 rare shield for 5 alteration orbs.

If you find a crap item like hammer hymn or a level 30 rare shield its best to sell it at an extremly low rate, otherwise it will probably never get sold at all.

Went onto poexyz to search for items. For those who don't already know poe xyz is the best way to shop for end game gear. I found a guy selling a 5link chest that I really wanted. Not only did he laugh at me for my low-ball offer but it turns out he left nemesis and is only playing soft-core now. Soft core is for cowards who fear death.

I decided that I need a chaos resist+life belt. If you shop for an item its good to buy your chaos resist gear first. You can get the other resists from random drops but chaos doesn't show up on items often. I chose a belt for my chaos resist item because unlike armor belts intrinsic value doesn't scale off. While searching for my item I found a guy who was giving away a life/chaos resist belt for free. Lucky me.

I traded 3 alteration orbs and 5 chromes for a culling strike. I'll later use this culling strike to do something truely beautiful.

Overall trading on poe is very easy if you want to buy common items like reduced mana.
For specific items poe xyz is easier.

Trade chat in nemesis is a giant mess. I spam my messages every hour, find people who look rich and ask them to sell me stuff. Its a big ugly mess. Eventually I get the items I want at a good price.

reduced mana for 1 chaos and 1 fuse
concentrated effect for 1 fuse

From this point on I probably won't trade much except for occassionally converting my currency
(trading regrets into chaos). I have enough alts, augs, and trasnmutes to last me awhile.
I eventually will buy a 5 link but it's something I'm really going to research and save up for.

I could try flipping items but flipping is really risky. If i was sitting on 100 chaos orbs I would have no problem buying uniques low and waiting days or weeks to resell them.

There really isn't a lot of options for making money right now.


I just killed brutus and all I got say is. He's a joke.
Run in circles till he does his chain pull than hit him a few times. Repeat
Sometimes he catches you because of his special desync skill but even than you can just pop a granite and quicksilver and run the fuck away.

Until the very last half of act 3 I was only using lightning penetration as my support gem.
I purchased a 3 link wand from a vendor in act 1 cruel. Than I did the recipe to turn it into a magic item with +1 to lightning damage (recipe costs 1 topaz ring and 1 alteration). After that I augmented my +1 lightning. I redid the recipe several times until I got a 3 link wand with +1 to lightning gems and spell damage.

HOLY SHIT I fucking explode things with concentrated effect now. I'm actually clearing cruel act 1 FASTER than normel act 1. So many times I saw a rare monster off screen, cursed it, throw on lightning storms over its head and KILLED IT BEFORE IT KNEW I WAS THERE

There isn't much to say about my progress so far. I rushed through all the content exploding everything. Even brutus died almost instantly.

This is the great thing about being a spell caster, you can get by on incredibly shitty weapons as long as you have enough support gems. My heavy investment in the witch's spell damage also helps.

My resists are all very high in cruel 62 is my lowest. I could probably get them to all 75 with a bit of gear swapping. I keep some belts and rings in my stash for such occassions but I didn't bother.

I learned a lot about my character in cruel. The first thing I concluded is that I will have no trouble maxing my resists in merciless. They are already practically maxed in cruel. Once I get into merciless I will have purity of elements, another +6 resist all node, and be using magic items rolled with higher resists. Clever node usage and the mighty kite shield wins the day.

The other good news is my damage is not going to fall off in merciless. If I can already kill things this fast with a 3 link (a 3 link that has a terrible spell damage bonus) imagine when I get a 4 link or 5 link? Or when I get higher spell damage. I still havn't gotten the 'chance to shock nodes'.

So than theres some bad news. My armor fucking sucks. I have 555 armor in cruel. A marauder in normel would have more than that. Brutus took off half my health with his punch AFTER I used curse of enfeeble.

If anything kills me its going to be a heavy physical damage dealer.

Right now I'm still getting by with granite flask chugging and nuking down high priority targets before they can chew through me health but I don't know how well that will do in merciless. A critical hit from vaal's rock smash, a rare mob with puncture, devourers, multi-shot archers. Those guys could really fuck me up in merciless.

Maybe I can get more armor nodes or dump tons of alterations to get extra armor rolls. I'll need to figure something out.

But thats merciless. I'm in cruel now and I got a long way to go. Still need to gather currency to buy a 5 link, need to craft my perfect flasks.

Right now I feel very safe. I'm not gonna upgrade my gear for awhile. I could start crafting better magic items but I feel it would just be a waste of currency since I can already clear the content fine. Very few monsters can burst harder than brutus and if I can survive a punch to the face from him I'll be ok.

I don't think there is anything in cruel mode that can kill me. I'll probably take my time getting to merciless hoping for more chaos orb drops

Here is my current gear and skill tree.
Getting shaper was a powerful point. I save so many flask charges from the life regen patching me up.

The kick ass chaos resist belt was given to me for free I'm not wearing it, saving it for later.
I havn't upgraded my gear very much because I don't need to do it yet. Better to save my transmutes and alts for later.

Here is the wealth of my stash


So there I was going throw the beaches. I pretty much blow up everything instantly. I'm actually fairly squishy but my kill speed is so high that it doesn't matter. The rhoas make me worry a bit. I was charged by a magic one and lost a huge chunk of health. I play more catiously. Side stepping is easy with 15% move speed. Even if I do get hit I can react quickly with my armor potion and newly found seething potion (a find from one of the flamming dogs)

If rhoas can hurt me this bad on cruel imagine merciless. While I was in the cave blowing up pirates I started thinking about how to boost my armor. A few nodes popped into my head and I was considering try to save up for cast on damage taken to use enduring cry.

"Yeah know what could kill me right now" I thought to myself "one of those rogue exiles. Those guys can hit hard. If I find one should I run or engage it?" 2 seconds later I get shield charged by the viper striking rogue exile. Game fucking read my mind. I do a straight up battle with her. At first I try to kite her and plant storms on her head. My rival is quick and the passage ways in the cave are narrow so I have very little room to manuever and she dodges my lightning.

I switch to a more direct approach. I swallow my granite flask, enfeeble her and go right up in her face. We stand there trading blows. I'm chewing through her life but now I've got triple poisen stack and a curse on me. I start to chug potions, my health isn't dropping anymore but I'm running out pots. I drink my quicksilver and run, waiting for the dots to finish ticking.
I'm half out of potions so I pop a portal scroll and head back to town.

I repeat the stand off again, taking away more of her life and running away once my potions are near empty back to town. This time the rouge exile falls.

Not too dangerous but if I ever meet that ground-slamming marauder I'm going to portal out and reset the instance.

Outside of act end bosses this is the first time I've needed to spam portal scrolls to restock my pots. This a valuable trick you can do. Its probably the biggest cheese in the game and if you are stuck on something you should abuse the hell out of it. Spam flasks, when you are about to run out of flasks portal to restock them. Its way better than alt+f4. Al+f4 can still get you killed because you persist in the world for a second. Portals are instant. Alt+f4 forces you to redo the entire zone, portal doesnt.

I would advise you to always keep your portal scrolls in the same spot in your inventory so your muscle memory with them improves. Do not keep other items near your portals. If you right click an orb by accidient you waste time.

Mervil is hardly worth mentioning. GGG really needs to improve her as a boss. The rogue exile and brutus were more dangerous.

Until now I didn't realize how strong of a mod +1 to gem skill level is.
I found a new wand rolled with +48% spell damage but it doesnt boost my stormcalls damage nearly as much as my old +1 wand.

I experimented with crafting a few new +1 wands using a vendor recipe. In the end I didn't do much crafting or get anything very good. I upgraded my wand yes but not by much.

I don't really care about upgrading my damage at this point because its already so damn high.
If the enemies stand still long enough for the bolts to come down they just get vaporized. Even rare mobs are killed in a single volley of bolts if I curse them.


I went to poe xyz again and searched around. I know have an amulet I think I will be using for the rest of the game

Got it for only 1 alch+1 scour.

I'll talk about why I chose this specifically. First of all amulets are very difficult to craft. They have more possible mods than any other slot so getting the right combo is nearly impossible.
There are 2 good types of gear to buy. The first type is gear to help you level that you can easily resell once you no longer need it. What I mean easily resold is you could buy an awesome level 30 rare sword but than once you reach level 40 and get a better sword its hard to resell that level 30 rare. But if you bought a brightbreak instead you could resell the bright break the instant an upgrade dropped. That is not the type of item this amulet is though.

This is my end game amulet. Its almost certain I won't get a better one.

I choose paula amulet specifically. I'm not going to farm all day, I'm trying to survive so I don't need gold amulet. Paula had great synergy with clarity.

Now thats the boring trade. Here's the exciting one

This is like koams heart of blue only gear.
Inherit +24% resist all
MAX life roll
Near max cold resist

When I saw this item I knew I had to have it.
I contacted the guy and mentioned I wanted to purchase it. He seemed to like my magic-only challenge so he decided to sell it me at great 3 chaos bargain.

Only trouble is the guy wants pure chaos and I don't have 3 pure. Also I need to leave for work in 20 minutes.

I leave the trade promising to get the chaos. I need to this FAST before someone else buys that and regals it!

I join trade and its terrible. Text scrolls by so fucking fast and I have no items worth selling. I try to convert my currencies into chaos but no one will give me a good trade.
Eventually I get desperate and sell 20 chroms for 1 chaos and 3 fuses for 1 chaos that plus my origenal one chaos gets me up to 3. That was a painful thing to do. I way overpayed for the fuses but I was desperate. I feel so dirty and ashamed.

I'd like to mentioned I spent about 15 minutes just scanning trade and spamming my ads to get this shit down. In the heat of the moment I also made a stupid mistake and traded away my spell for some alteration orbs. (I later purchased another spell totem for 1 alch to cover up my goof). I gather my prescious trades message the shield-seller. I complete the transaction just as before work. What a fucking rush. I was trembling aftwards

I know have possible the best magic shield on the entire server. You know that greek story where the goddess descends down and gifts the hero with an unbreakable shield to defend against a horrible monster. Thats how I feel right now.

I think that this also high-lights an importaint point.
Trading is way better than crafting. Its not just rares and uniques,even for blues this is true.

Its not that your drops/crafts in PoE are always bad. Its just that you don't get the right items. Characters need very specific items: a specific gear type (es, armor, evasion), specific mods, it needs to be at a specific price range.

Theres plenty of low level players who would gladly trade away a few alt orbs for a good level 10 rare, mid level players that would trade away a few alchs for a good level 40 item, and high level players willing trade exalts for 6 linked rares. But trade is a mess and we can't find each other.

A great example is when I sold that hammer's hymn to a nooblet for some alts.
There must be hundreds of noobs who would trade 5 alts for a hammer hymn and hundreds
of players hoarding the weapon that would take the trade but its so difficult for them to find each other.

Anyway here is my current gear and talent set up.

I'm going to fill up on the scions health for awhile.

These are my beautiful end game gear. They might not look like much to you but when you see 2 lines of stats as the limit they are jaw-dropping. Honestly I'm having more fun gearing in this
than I did on my other characters. Maybe having too many lines of stats dillutes the awe of each indivual one.

This is what I actually wear

Molten shell, totem, skeletons, and purity of lightning I do not actually use. They just gain xp in my off hand for later

This is my entire collection of wealth


Nothing special today. Just grinded 5 levels in felshire cruel in preperation for the quests.
I joined a leveling group to make it go by faster. As I said before I will solo all the hard content. I will only party for grinding groups or for content I already did myself (for instance I helped a friend go through normel act 3)

While grinding in felshire I met 2 new nemesis mods: corrupted blood and storm herald. These guys could be pretty dangerous if spawned on certain enemies (say corrupting blood on an extra fast viper or storm herald on an enemy that curses conductivity). One of our party members nearly died from corrupting blood and had to al+f4. I'll need to be extra carful around these guys in merciless. Maybe use decoy totems to reposition them or play more of a hit n run style. I'll have the movment speed boots.

I got a nice collection of mid tier currencies in felshire: a fuse, a gcp, and a few others I can't remember.

This was my first time partying for an extended period of time and I was really glad to see that there was a large variety of builds players used. I met a discharger that one shot everything, a duel-arch totem summoner templar that played slow and safe, a generic spectral throwering ranger, a reave marauder, split arrow ranger, a shadow trapper.

Theres a certain beleif that PoE is about stacking health resist and nothing else.
From looking you might think so. Nearly all my gear has life/resist as their only relevent mods and I thats how it will look in the future.

But consider this. I have nearly capped resists and enough life to surive. Magic items only have 2 affixes of stats while rares can have 6 and uniques can have even more than that. If all you need to survive is 2 affixes of defensive stats you can do whatever you want with the other 4 affixes.

PoE is a strategy game in addition to an action game. All strategy games have certain key concepts that are core to them. In chess you spend your early turns developing your pawns and knights, in magic the gathering you devote 1/3 of your deck to land, in yugioh you devote 1/4 of your deck to core spell cards that have extreme versaility (mystic space typhoon, solmens, etc), in an rts you MUST spend resources on buildings and worker units, in poe you MUST get a life roll on most of your gear and cap your resists.

After you do the 'core' things in a strategy game what you do with the rest of your resources is up to you.

The reason you are saying only life and resist on my gear is because I'm working with absolute trash items.

My intention is not to win poe with some special snow-flake build. I'm just trying to show the game is more than a giant gear-check. There is some gear checking in the game
(if you walk into crematorium with no lightning resist piety will kill you and haul your body away to be one of her newest miscreations)

Special snow-flake builds are perfectly viable as long as they meet the minamum health and resist needed. Resist on gear can only be rolled as a suffix. My magic items are limited 1 suffix. Your rare items can have 3. Gearing for resist is not hard.

One of the forum members wanted to help me out on my quest. I don't take hand-outs but I will trade. I had found a really amazing pair of level rare 30 boots: +max life, +fire resist, +lightning resist, and movement speed. I traded them away for 60 augment orbs. I also traded him my gcp for 2 chaos. Thank you boltthrower87!

I'll talk a bit about how I gear up since I upgraded a lot my slots today.
First of all I collect a lot of junk off the ground. I pick up all blues that do not take up too much space and all rares. I vendor the blues (unidentified) for transmutes and I identify the rares for alch shards. If I find a good rare I will save it and try to sell.
At low and mid level rares do not have much value even if they are rolled extremly well (mainly because all you need to face-roll mid and low level is a pair of brightbreaks or a geofrys hammer). You should sell your mid-low rares for the first offer you get.
Even selling them for 3 alteration orbs is better than what the vendor gives you.

I also do the 3-linked chromatic vendor trick and I pick up quality flasks for the glass blower recipe (look them up on the wiki if you dont know them).

I also pick up all white rings and belts and vendor them wisdom scrolls. This is pretty desperate but it's importaint. If I get to a hard section I may spend 10 portal scrolls to refill my flasks and could possible depleate my scroll supply.
This is something only extremly poor players should do. Even mid-tier players can afford to pay 1 alch for 100 wisdom scrolls.

I will also pick up white items to craft. I only pick them up if they are quality or have a strong link set up.

Alts have a small trading value (16:1 chaos) while transmutes have almost zero trade value.
Because of this I trasnmute the whites. If they roll something crappy I store them. Trade a vendor 5 magic items of the same type for a new one. You can also use augments if you find a magic item with 1 good roll.Augments have almost no trading value so its not waste, they are more rare than trasnmutes though.

Its best to put off crafting new gear for as long as you can do it safely. If you did time a white dropped you would go broke. If you are a wealthy player its ok to spend currency to level your new characters faster. If you are dirt poor like me than you want to only spend currency when it gets hard. Just going through the game naturally earns you upgrades because higher monster level=higher item level. Your chaos orbs and alchs are your emergency fund.
Save as much as you can for end game gear.

I keep spare gear in one of my stabs incase I need to gear swap. Its best to store belts and jewelery because they take up little space, have an instrinsic value thats the same at all level ranges, and have no stat requirements so your new characters can use them also.

As for the types of gear to craft. Do not craft weapons, rings, amulets or gloves. The reason for these is those items slots can roll many,many different mods so there is a much lower chance of rolling the ones you want. You can still break this rule if you are desperate. My gloves were really shit so I did craft new ones.

I used the quicksilver recipe to craft 30 movment speed boots than I augmented them and got a shitty life regen roll. Movment is a powerful tool. It allows you to dodge better or control the battlefield better. Met a multile projectiles rare monster in a corridor? Lure him into an open field. being chased by a pack of monsters rolled with insane mods? Run away or use line of site to confuse them. They will split up and you have a smaller pack size to deal with.
Did you meet a rogue exile who seems to be tailor made to counter your build? Time to retreat and never look back!

The villagers in the forest encampment are miserable. Bandits attack them from all sides, Yeena is having those hippy dreams again, Silk lost his mojo stick, and Greust is giving me that weird look.

I think its time I clean up act 2.

Here is my gear and build

Here is my wealth. There are also some items here I am not wearing but keeping for later use or gear swap

Very nice chaos resist ring find.

I'm the character post limit. My adventures continue here where I destroy everything in act 3 cruel except for piety and Dom

...and here where Piety drowns in blood and Dominus gets thrown off his own tower. Also an essay on why you should never,ever pay for boss kills. If you only read 1 log read that 1.

...and here which covers most of my face rolling through act1/2 merciless.

...and even further along

.....and almost at the end

....and the absolute final page FINALLY

NEW UPDATE: By request my work has been compressed into a single pdf
Its easier to read but doesnt list my gear or wealth like the forum logs do.
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Act 2 Cruel starts the Pain when you are not able to stack enough resists and/or dont get beffy enough.

I guess atleast in Merc will your journy over. But all the best wishes. Hope you beat it!

Suggestion about a new Trading System,
based on Chris Idea,
he mention in SoE Episode 20
Goodluck. Are you going to be switching out resist gear or trying to keep them all maxed?
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Hmm I've done it with rares but without using a body armour. It is entirely possible.

Gl op
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NotRegret wrote:
I will go through all of nemesis. From the lowly stranded shores to the highest point of the tower of god wearing no rares and no unqiues.

No, you won't.
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If you do this, before level 90, I will worship you.
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Impossible imo, but good luck.
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Those resists. Honestly I doubt you can make it.

Wish you luck. :)
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Freeze mine + ele prolif REPRESENT!

lelz couldn't resist :)
It is not easy to realize the monster in yourself, truly it is not easy to create purposefully.
It is easy to realize the virtue in yourself, truly it is easy to destroy.
Contemplate which is worth your time.

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