[question to GGG] PoE items on d2jsp

Questions to GGG:
Are we allowed to trade on d2jsp ?
Are we encouraged to trade on d2jsp ?
Will you try to stop and ban players using d2jsp ?

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Trading through external sources is against the rules. Please do not do so.
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If there's anyway that the items these people will no doubt end up trying to sell for real money can be traced back to the owner they should be banned.

I'd imagine that's going to be impossible though.

Maybe GGG should try and contact the people who run that site and respectfully request they remove the PoE trading section.

Again, it's not going to happen is it.....
GGG is against it, but it's impossible to fight. The only thing GGG can do, is to make it fun to grind, which I already think they do much better than D2.
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Why on earth would you want to use that site?

Most of it's users are extremely cutthroat and if you don't offer the right amount for any item you could very well get flamed for several pages
ongZ wrote:
GGG is against it, but it's impossible to fight. The only thing GGG can do, is to make it fun to grind, which I already think they do much better than D2.

True. There's always going to be the black market.

But I think it could help somewhat if GGG had a policy in place that explicitly stated:
"No, trading items for real money or real money for items is NOT fine in our eyes. It's against the rules, if you're caught, there will be consequences. The whole game is based on the idea of 'fairness'. We are not selling power for money, and so you should not be buying it from a third party either."

You know, something along these lines.
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I saw 100s if not 1000s beta keys sold on d2jsp.
Still no comment from GGG.
There is about 3500 topics there so far.
PoE has its own section in 'other games' but in 2 days will migrate to main page.

My question was inspired by one of the posts [moths ago, can't quote] on d2jsp stating that one of GGG devs is a mediator [!] there.

I demand answer ;-)

Main IGN: TopCat

IGN2: PrincessGuinevere
IGN3: Indiana_Jones
Well, I'll translate your demand as 'humbly request', but sure, I'll pass this thread onto Chris. I've seen him express hatred for d2jsp in the past, but who knows, maybe that goatee has turned him into Evil Twin Chris, who believes in external trading and pay-to-win and other such nefarious concepts.

Stranger things have happened. They just haven't been caught on tape yet.
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There'll always be third parties selling items for cash as well as buying items for cash. Runescape has a similar problem, except bots do the work.

However, at least GGG isn't welcoming trading for real money, things would get waaaay out of hand like it has in D3.
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Any keys you buy on d2jsp is taking money away from GGG and making the game worse (money that GGG receive goes towards development of the game, money that d2jsp receives does not)

If you use d2jsp, be aware that this is what you are doing. Also, if you happen to get scammed GGG wont be able to help you or refund your scammed purchase (just like any 3rd party website)

True, maybe you might not get banned for using d2jsp (I have no idea about that), but that is not the point. The point is the game just got worse because of what you did

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