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Version 1.0.2c

Actually this patch created issues with audio. Didn't have that before this patch. I just can't play in group anymore. Sound is crackling and popping non-stop. :(

Creative Xi-fi extreme audio.

Anyone else with same problem?

Throw away the Creative and get something else (like ASUS or use onboard), PoE hates Creative, and rightfully so. It's been a garbage company for 10 years.

While I partly agree with you, I was trying to point out, that before patch everything was fine with Creative sound card. There was no problems with audio. I wonder is there anyone who had sound issues before patch, and not anymore now?

I had problems before and didnt encounter them after the patch.
@ gatis_k

Same problem with Sound on Creative Audio :(

I had problems before and didnt encounter them after the patch.

Good to hear that. What sound card are you using?
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Regarding the "audio fix", previously the game was occasionally sending bad data into the sound driver (infinities/NaNs). Several cases of this were fixed, though there may still be more. But it should have been an overall improvement. I'm not sure why this would cause more audio glitches.
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Definitely having massive issues with my sound driver as well. It's pretty apparent just standing around in Sarn and having massive framerate drop when the cymbils crash in at the interlude transissions.
In my case the problem with sound comes when I'm in party. I can't hear more than half of my own 'hits' when others are also hitting tons of times per second as I am (double-multistrikers, dual-multistrikers, LAers, cycloners, etc), so at times I don't know if I'm actually hitting, missing or in the middle of a huge desync (because when I have desync, I usually find myself hitting the air after the lag spike, thus no hit sound obviously)

This happen only after 1.0.2c if I remember correct.

Using an Auzentech Forte 7.1 here (same X-Fi chip as Creative's cards)

So, to those who suggest to throw away Creative sound cards, just my two cents here:
If there is no other game with issues, maybe we can think it's an issue with how GGG manages sound in the game and not our cards' fault. So no need to throw away anything because it seems Creative's are not the only cards with errors, but everything with X-Fi chips actually.
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yes...creative trouble still here...but some an other kind...seems not with ogg files as before...
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Just leaving my 2c here.

I got an Asus Xonar DX 7.1 and I have (rare) sound issues too, although not as serious as some posters here:

- Randomly I might lose all sound (the whole computer, not only ingame) and it does not come back until I fully restart. It seemed to be triggered by certain combat sounds (or combination of), but it has also happened while alt-tabbed and simply browsing the internet. Without the game launched this has never happened, and never before starting to play PoE.

- I used to have BSOD (cmudaxp.sys). These crashes stopped after I updated the drivers and unticked "Muted when in background" in the options menu. Not sure which fixed it, but I'm not touching that option ever again.

Like I said, the first is a very rare occurrence now and the second seems to be fixed (before the patch), so I'm not really bothered about this. Just throwing some extra info, in case it helps.
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