1.0.2c Patch Notes

Totem boss in Ledge is all screwed up.
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Qarl wrote:
Version 1.0.2c
  • Fixed an issue with some Maps where teleport doors would fail to also teleport a player's minions.
  • Fixed some issues with audio popping and errors.
  • Fixed some potential blocked layouts in the Gardens map.
  • Fixed issues with interactions of Soul Conduit and Undying Incinerators.
  • Fixed Curse on Hit incorrectly changing skills to display average damage instead of damage per second on the skill bar info.

Ze message was received!

Also, what about underground river map? It also has blocked layouts as well.
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ahh good news <3
Lets be quick guys but keep up the good work killin off the top 50
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Fixed issues with interactions of Soul Conduit and Undying Incinerators.

Does this address them not dropping loot?

8 rare incinerators in a 76 map and only managed to kill 1 before they explode and give you the loot finger.
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Hey there,
It appears that you have allocated the nodes 'Eldritch Battery' and 'Chaos Inoculation'
- this effectively gives you 1 health point and zero energyshield, which would
cause many deaths. I'd recommend removing a point from either of these nodes.
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