Season Five, Event 81: 1 Hour Turbo Endless Ledge

Completed 22 Challengesboof wrote:
Casually dropped dead early on to pretty much nothing on screen.

Rerolled into what went on to be a cavalcade of scepter of god zones, sprinkled in with dischargers every second zone.

Roll insane weapon

But get cockblocked by arcers and vulnerability Merveils on 80% of the zones that followed.

Oh well

That sword...

I get your frustration with Arcers though. I was having a reasonable run myself until 2 Ledges in a row had Voltaic curtains, mixed with Flammability curse mages and fire Golems. Luckily they weren't Conductivity mages as I got pretty low there trying to kill my way through. Couldn't run past them as there was always 3 or 4 of the curtains and I had no Life gear and they would nuke me down to low life as soon as I got near them. I had like 163 Life in the last zone lol.

Didn't find any rings at all until around level 9, then 2x Paua rings dropped. GG. Got kinda lucky with Flasks. Didn't have to wait until it felt too late before some dropped. All the other RNG was absolutely rubbish.

Shocked to see #5 Witch. No-one playing it I guess. Moar points!


Harbinger: @SpectralTactician
Hardcore: @Unbereavabre
Standard: @Halgondas @Risendelle @Risendell @SummonRangaSpirits
So, for some reason, I didn't get my point for being in the top 20 scion. Any reason?
Build of the week #9 - Breaking your face with style
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Scions don't deserve extra points.
Harbinger: @SpectralTactician
Hardcore: @Unbereavabre
Standard: @Halgondas @Risendelle @Risendell @SummonRangaSpirits

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