Season Five, Event 81: 1 Hour Turbo Endless Ledge

I was making a really good pace, died off at 40 on the ladder? 5th ranger at the time which was cool, until I had a ledge with titties, dogs, whippers, and leapers (chimerals).

I just tried to Yolo run through it but that obviously didn't work. Desync death is best death.
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The last two endless ledge races I ripped at lvl 10 with no medium life pots drop whatsoever...
damn fat golems at last area, almost no exp
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anyone else finds flask the hardest point of ledge races?

i was in top50 for half of the race until i had to slow down because of too slow regen. kinda made it back to top50 afterwards with easy zones but people who died are still getting points - ridiculous... but that seems to accepted : /
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Casually dropped dead early on to pretty much nothing on screen.

Rerolled into what went on to be a cavalcade of scepter of god zones, sprinkled in with dischargers every second zone.

Roll insane weapon

But get cockblocked by arcers and vulnerability Merveils on 80% of the zones that followed.

Oh well
man i went on bear hunt not el race. goddam bears in every zone, degen, enduring, frezny, cleve. and the weapon of choice
until 10 min before the end, wen i got rhis

i see bear everywere....
Seems life med. life pot drops are very rare in EL. Usually don't find any until lv.13-14.

My useful drops:

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Desynced really hard even without hits. Don't know if the servers were full.

First attempt stun->Rip after 5 min.

Second attempt. Level 6 ledge was blamt like.

Frost/Ash Necros + elementals everywhere. Then Shieldchargers+Lightning Thorns Arcers. And some frenzy archer undead.

Should have rerolled or waited 15min for reset. The start was already a deadtrap impossible to skip or kill a way through.

The start already was a huge maplike Trap filled Necros and in the end I had to kill every single undead in lethal fashion with infernal blow.
That ledge alone took around 35min.


The ledges after that were ok.

This race was a lot of fun!!

Im kinda new to this game. First time trying out turbo endless ledge. Really happy with my result (rank 48). Those blue jumping lizard monster almost riped me at the end.

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