New Forum Policy: No Hateful Posts

Hey Chris, and the rest of Grinding Gear Games.

You guys are fucking amazing. All of you. You do a great job on this game, and I have a blast playing it. Don't let the assholes get you guys down. I know that people on the internet can be incredibly hateful, but for every one of them there are many more people who really appreciate the work you've put into this game, even if we don't always come out and say it.

Hopefully this new policy will shape up the forum. But there will always be hate, no matter how amazing the game is. In those cases, just remember, you have hundreds of thousands of people who love playing your game.

<3 <3 <3
- Tassels
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Those harsh and hostile people are not only messing around in this forum, they also try to screw up the image of PoE and GGG through other channels like YouTube. I can feel that their behavior and actions are "excessive", which it seems to be "unnatural", namely: Get PAID to do so. To be honest and stay neutral, I find GGG team are good people creating good game. No "pay to win" and simply passionate developers for passionate players. Those who can afford fund for the game, those who can't afford can still share the same joy with others except those "optional nice-to-have luxury effects" -- This is definitely NOT an "evil gaming model". If you want luxury effects, you pay for it; else everyone has equal opportunity for the core gameplay -- I believe this is the philosophy of PoE, of which such healthy game is almost extincted in this modern corrupted world -- How can we expect our players to fight "corrupted monsters" in-game when the developers are the "corrupted monsters" by themselves outside the game? I do not want to mention the company name here, but I believe some of you should know which giant company I'm referring to.

Great work GGG! Nice move for the new forum policy!
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I love this new policy, and want to take this moment to say Thank You to each and every one of the GGG employees that has given me such a wonderful game to play and just an amazing experience.
As long as criticism is constructive, there is never any problem. It's sad that people are not able to provide constructive criticism anymore and have to delve into hateful posts instead. Hope this policy goes into seeing that.
Chris, a while back I posted in response to you on Reddit when you were talking about the CwDT changes. I asked (and tried to be polite) whether you had any of these reservations when you were making the build of the week video that featured that interaction that got nerfed. I'm not sure whether I was in the wrong there cause I tried not to be inflammatory about it but I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry if it felt accusatory. I realize that you guys are humans and make mistakes and I am just glad that you are all man and woman enough to nerf something that needed a nerf even when you promoted it in the past. I was a little annoyed about this and my comment started a bit of a flame war so sorry about all that. I love you guys so keep doing what you're doing and we (devoted fans) will be there with you the whole time!
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Good move, Chris. PoE thrives on constructive discussion in all things, be they game balance, game mechanics, server issues....

Low value posts and hateful posts can easily make a forum useless, or even actively harmful.

I'm positive Chris and the others at GGG will avoid any sort of censorship, and if any of their forum mods (now or in the future) begin using this policy for censorship, Chris & co will make it right.
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Good. I look forward to seeing this enforced.
Ohhh, a dodgy move, hopefully it will lead into a better-land than into-worse-land :P.

Still, I'm hopeful. The excessive amount of QQ posts has really made me vitriolic towards majority of other players, maybe with this chance I will actually want to discuss game issues rather than wanting to flame the crap out of users who post about them in a whiny way.
Hello Chris and every one of GGG's team ..

Those hateful vile posts that have been flooding these forums recently, may seem like it's from many people, may seem like it's overwhelming, however, those people are just a tiny, tiny, little minority group.
I am sure you know this. It is understandable that those idiots got to you.
It is sad though, to hear that GGG's team has been impacted by this.

My point is, dear GGG, you guys are great.
Many people who appreciate you do not post it on forums. Just know that.

I fully support this new move. Cheers.

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