New Forum Policy: No Hateful Posts

it's a little sad that it needs to come to this, but i think it's the only responsible thing to do.

yes the naysayers will accuse GGG of censorship etc, but the forums were degrading to a state of where constructive criticism was getting incredibly difficult and proper well-thought out feedback was getting washed in a wave of rage and ranting.

good luck with this! i support it!
Great decision. Hope this brings something back of the CB days, when you could actually... discuss topics.
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Great decision. Hope this brings something back of the CB days, when you could actually... discuss topics.

Agreed. Thank you GGG for taking steps to eradicate the problems on the forums.

And I'm sure you don't hear it enough but, Chris, you and your team are doing a amazing job with PoE. Keep up the great work guys and gals!
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Great change. I've been actively avoiding the forums lately because of the low post quality.
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Very welcome change. The amount of fucking poison coursing through the general forums was unreal.
It's disgusting how people react to a free to play game sometimes.

Good move, hopefully more constructive feedback follows, and shitposters are removed quickly :)

gg, ggg
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You guys are awesome, and I'm glad you're doing this.

I'm personally connected to customer service and know the detrimental effects it can have on mental and physical health when someone takes abuse via their job.

I couldn't believe some of the things I've been seeing on the forums, and I'm another person who has quietly resolved to never visit the forums again, however I'm weak and I get bored while I'm working my night shift. I'm glad that I can feel better about frequenting them now.

Thank you!
PersonallY I fully support this, during beta I would come here looking for information and just seeing what people are talking about with the game. Recently threads have popped up that are just crazy. It reminds me of my kids at the dinner table. "Dad I don't like this." What don't you like? "I don't know!"

We are to a point where we can talk about things with people all over the world. I would think we could do a little better than "This game is a piece of &*&!" It's easy to post on here as an anonymous name talking to the developers who do not have the option to remain anonymous at times. So it's a little easier to talk like an idiot when you won't be held accountable. Just remember though, court cases are popping up all the time lately in which people are being punished for the personal attacks and harrasement of others on message boards.

At any rate, I support this and I hope it helps keeps the community as good as it has been.

Got some time?^^ it's worth a look!
Next is trade chat I hoPe! It sucks being told in general I'm going to be reported for selling things when it is impossible in

Got some time?^^ it's worth a look!

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