Canadian Corner

Toronto here, looking for Guild as well
Edmonton, AB

Did a Canadian guild get made? I'd be down for that or at least some people to chat with
Victoria BC

Looking for a canadian guild with discord
quebec here, would be nice to have a canadian guild
Hi, I'm from Montreal, no key
Hello Canadian Exiles,

I created a Canadian guild for Canadians - We The North. The purpose is to make this game a tad more social as well as having a source of help and knowledge.

As the guild name insinuates, the guild is for people living in Canada, however, we would not discriminate against exiles form other parts of the world.

About me: I'm in my mid 30s, educated, have a career. Enjoying the complexity of this game with over 1,500 hours and would like to create a "local" community of people who share the love for this game.

Discord channel will be created. I think we can even plan some gatherings in the "real world" (pending Covid restrictions).

In short, this game is amazing, but it would be even better amongst the friends.

If you are from Canada and would like to join, please go here and reply with a little "about me" and I will send an invite.

thunder bay ontario!
From the gta, looking for a guild.
Any console players looking for another guild member? I'm having a super hard time finding a Canadian console guild.
Vancouver, BC checking in!

Been playing the game on and off for years now, though university is doing a number on time I can be gaming... Anyhow, Im happy to see a few CA guilds popping up!

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