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Wow there is a lot of people from Ontario, wheres western Canada?
Kendroxide wrote:
Wow there is a lot of people from Ontario, wheres western Canada?

Probably outside enjoying the awesome weather we are currently experiencing... Who wants to be cooped up inside in a dark room with a hot computer when you can be outside playing beach volleyball downing a few beers? =D
"We were going to monitor the situation but it was in the wrong aspect ratio."
I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba and do I ever wish I had a key.
From Newfoundland, living in Sarnia Ontario 0 beta :(
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Toronto what what!!
Garr0t wrote:
West coast represent!
Vancouver, BC.

Likewise. I'm dying of boredom must get key D:
Wooo From Winnipeg, Manitoba !!
He did it!
I'd loooove to have a key!
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I'm from Kelowna, British Columbia

And I currently do not have a Beta Key for the Closed BETA, but we just need to wait for the Open BETA to arrive (if it ever goes into that stage before release)

Either way, I'm exited to play, since i'll probably never play any of those Diablo Games (personal preference)

See you, my fellow canadians, at release
I'm just another keyless Canuck hailing from Kitchener, Ontario.

EDIT: I have since received a key from one very kind soul. :)
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