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Since I saw threads for other countries, I thought it would be nice if I made a thread specifically for Canadians.

If you are a Canadian, post where you are from and if you would like a beta key or already have one. I'll start:

Im from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and sadly, I don't have a beta key :(

I'm in the beta and next beta key I get will go to someone in this thread.
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Hamilton, Ontario and no key here either
oshawa, ontario... no keys but my friend got in so if I ever get in i'll try to spread the love to some Canadians brothers(/sisters)
Barrie, Ontario waiting on a key still.
Trenton, Ontario.

Should we really be letting the world know Canadians truly exist? :D

Yeah, and of course I am still waiting on a key and since I have the worst luck ever, I doubt I will see one.

Best of luck to you all! and try not to stereotype too much ;)
Guelph ON here, excited to play whenever that occurs!
Ontario, I need a Key.
I debated making one too but figured being Canadian was good enough :)
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West coast represent!
Vancouver, BC.
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Aradinsc wrote:
Hamilton, Ontario and no key here either

<----- In Hamilton as well
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