Hi, I am a phys/crit/LA/icesot/frenzy Shadow. I began mid open beta and viewed saint vitus build after creating my own. However i did not like that the build only included iron reflexes (especially after the iron reflexes nerf), and wanted an evade/physical build. Over time after viewing many trees, helping out dozens of people, and after completely respeccing numerous times (some forced, some willingly) i found a build that maximized dps and that has a decent amount of health and defense for factanking. I was also one of the first people to encourage acrobatics as an alternative for iron reflexes, these builds are based on the original build..

I am posting my build here for new/bored players who want a different perspective of how to do the LA build. The thread has been updated almost completely. However, this thread is still a work in progress. Also, comments and bumps would be greatly appreciated

This thread will mainly serve as a summary of game mechanics in dps/armour/evade/etc as well as certain key nodes. I will also explain in detail different skill combinations so that you (as the player) can choose what you want to take from this, as well as providing my own build for comparison, modifying, and for copying (if you so choose). Also note that this is a good base for physical builds and can be adjusted to fit other uses. It achieves an insane amount of dps and a great amount of health without having a 400+dps bow, or having perfect gear. A lioneyes alone will produce endgame dps, anything beyond that will make your dps scream.

I also will give tips and suggestions for those of you who like to edit your own builds, or are fixing up your characters.

First off the builds:
For those of you who want to jump right in I will post the build in its entirety first, I will give explanations in the Mechanics post for those who do care about how this works or who are curious about my choices. Also i will update the information as need be, the last major update that affected this build was 1.2.0.

with the change to assassin's mark, the build is completely viable with a 5l setup. However, Until you acquire a quality pierce you can use the more traditional bow setup (lmp+chain) or my suggested combo: gmp+fork instead of lmp+chain. Also, do not spec into the critical mass (power charge) node if u don't have room for power charge on crit.

Here are different trees with different emphasis:

Here are the overall trees, dps focused trees that will give you max dps with decent overall tankiness and enough cc.

ranger start:
Final build

leveling basis

Shadow Start (my own, if u want a higher dps start)

Final build
on a leveling basis


PERMA FREEZE TOTEM VARIATION: this build sacrifices dps to gain INSANE totem utility.

THIS IS a slightly tankier version of the build focused on having a higher life pool and resists, FOR RANGERS, SIMPLY START FROM START FROM HEALTH SIDE AND CONTINUE FOLLOWING THE BUILD PATH.


As for bandit quests, take life, resists, or kill all on normal. Take physical damage, attackspeed, or kill all on cruel. Take any option on merciless based on ur own preference (endurance charge recommended for immortal call).

Often times, rangers and shadows have a hard time having enough mana for their abilities once higher combinations of gems are used. As such spec into mana abilities as needed and spec out as needed, the game provides you with plenty of respec points and everything you will need if you choose to go pierce. Also, panic hybrid flasks are recommended because life on hit will provide instant regen.

Since 1.2.0, Flasks were heavily buffed and more mana/resists were added to the shadow/ranger side of the tree. If you feel its worth it, you can spec in and out of mana/resists to get the right balance for yourself. Just sacrifice dps/health but be careful to not get rid of major nodes.

-Insane high dps (almost all from tree)
-Decently high amount of life
-Not entirely gear dependant (look at the little shadow wrecking huge mobs on a 75 map with a flimsy lioneyes and tanking everything with no koams)
-evade/dodge mechanics
-build versatility (adjust the build for your general needs, resists/mana/stat nodes are all along the build paths i have created)
-huge synergy with ele auras [I have a friend with auras that when we duo maps, his auras push my frenzy to 50k dps, and my LA to 9k]
-as of 1.2, the build no longer needs a 6l, and maximum dps can be reached with only 5Ls
-Nodal Versatility, spec into what you need and spec out as your gear matures, it will be easier for alot of the optional nodes are right along the guild path (like resists, mana, mana per kill, etc)


-Reflect (this is a huge problem if you are not paying attention. However, using immortal call and switching hatred out for grace can almost make you impervious].
-pierce builds are a bit of a hassle to level into over time. You will need to set up your build to spec into it late game when u can reach 100% pierce. However, if your rich u can just specc into it immediately and gain yolo damage and yolo regen with life on hit.

My Current Gear and skill links (mouse over the gems also):
Note: Although I have some great items, I have holes in my gear that do not make what I am wearing completely optimal. As a result, my effectiveness with this setup is a testament to the power of this build.


Winter storm: The iceshot/LA/frenzy/crit/physical damage build

Gem setup

High Aoe variant[this combined with the perma freeze variation will yield a perma freeze effect]:
LA is the main skill on a 6L [(gmp+(Quality Pierce)+(Life On Hit)+(bloodmagic)+(Power charge on crit)]Note, for 1.2 you can just use assasin's mark instead and choose a different 6th gem such as lifeleech/crit damage/ele dama/added fire/ etc, although pcoc is great for autonomy and party play
Frenzy is the secondary singular skill on a 4L [(added fire damage)+(faster attacks)+(crit damage)]
Iceshot/Totem is the final support/dps skill [(gmp+(pierce)+(totem)+(ele prolif)]

Higher single target dps (frenzy) variant:
LA on a 6L [(gmp+(Quality Pierce)+(Life On Hit)+(bloodmagic)+(6th gem of your choosing)]
Frenzy is the secondary singular skill on a 5L [(added fire damage)+(faster attacks)+(crit damage)+(physical damage)]
Iceshot/Totem is the final support/dps skill [(gmp+(totem)+(ele prolif)]

Heres a lower setup utilizing 5ls
for 1.2: simply don't run a 6th damage gem on LA and run assassin's mark, you'll still be doing considerable dps.

I chose to go Pierce/LA to avoid the damage cut from chain and fork. It also requires much less mana and can be combined with gmp for maximum aoe and damage. [For a deeper explanation read the mechanics section of this build]

The on totem ability does not have to be iceshot (as long as u don't want to go perma freeze. It can be any other skill, but my build focuses on being a dual iceshot/LA build. With a Koams and a 6L bow, you can obviously take out icshot and use 6L LA and 4L frenzy exclusively.

Iceshot has one of the highest archer mana costs in the game, as such putting it on a totem is recommened. An iceshot totem creates amazing, continuous cc with ele prolif and high crit. Additionally, if you read the gem carefully u will notice that by the end of the skill effect all of your physical damage will be transformed into elemental damage. As a result, u take full damage from ele reflect mobs if you use this ability on ur mainhand. However, this also means that using weapon elemental damage is a great bonus to dps.

dps figures will be posted at another time

Immortal Call/enduring cry/increased duration as defensive utility.
I wish I had known about this ability before I chose which bandits I helped in merciless. It is an amazing ability, and makes u immune to physical reflect for a duration. As a result, with high dps u can use immortal call to completely dispatch the main reflect guy. With only 3 charges, my immortal call can last up to 4 seconds. Additionally, enduring cry adds a flat amount of physical reduction instead of armour. This is great for acrobatics where armour values are halved. If you can combine immortal call and enduring cry with faster casting, your farming and dps will be only minorly affected. For complete autonomy, you can even incorporate this with “cast when stunned” or “cast when damage taken”.

Temporal Chains and Iceshot is an Incredible, incredible form of cc. U can slow bosses like Kole to a crawl and incapacitate entire mobs. Also, combining it with iceshot, ele prolif and a high crit chance can leave a mob frozen entirely.

Assassin's mark: If you truly want outrageous dps on a critical build, this is the go to curse. It adds a flat amount of crit chance and even has multiplier. as of 1.2, it now provides power charges so it is essential

when to start mapping
This is a good question. Although peronally i have been doing maps since level 70ish (close to the middle of open beta). This was also my first character so i have gone through many changes to get to this final, awesome build that i have just absolutely loved. The game and my own build has changed so much that comparatively i cannot tell you when you should start mapping with this build. Also, everyone has points where a certain pieces of gear or skill combos push them way over the edge in terms of build potential.

As such i can tell you this: when you feel that your gear, damage, and ability are to the point That soloing docks/library/archives (archives leveling will be a blast ;D) is just way too easy. Or if you acquire a lioneyes with a 5L. Then that will be the go ahead to do maps

A comparison and summary for Build variants using a physical bow tree (Lightningarrow (LA), split arrow (SA), and iceshot)


Players new to Rangers and bow characters often don't know what to choose. This build will work for all physical builds if the pierce node is taken as needed. Still, heres a quick comparison.

-on critical LA applies shock stacks on the target. Although Iceshot has a bit more initial dps, LA has a higher damage potential because of the shock status ailment. a target can have up to 3 shock stats, each shok stack increases all damage done to the target by 30% up to a max of 90%. Additionally, because of the nature of LA, LA has tremendous synergy with elemental damage and gems such as "Life On Hit". Physical LA builds are also viable.

-Split arrow is unique in that it has the lowest mana cost out of all these gems and only requires a quality pierce gem and the pierce node from the tree to do significant aoe.
As such you have more room to use damage gems, more effectiveness with less gems, and less of a damage cut because you don't need gems such as gmp and lmp, fork and chain. However, it is harder to apply shock stacks on physical builds

-Iceshot has the highest mana cost out of all 3 gems and has a huge problem with elemental reflect on critical builds. If you read the gem you will notice that by the end of the skill effect, all of the intial physical damage is converted to elemental damage by the end of the effect. However this makes WED very good for the gem. Chain, fork, or chain can be used, but i recommend fork for beginners.

People usually choose whats good for them. Do not go directly off the dps numbers because they can be misleading ;).

Relevant websites and threads (for new players of course)
http://www.poepro.net/currency/ [for standard league this is a good table to take a basis from]

someone recommended bandicam and so i made Merci, dominus solo vid. dat label op tho.

heres a video of a quick clear of a 70s map made from streaming twitch. (will do more as i get more maps, learn how to upload better vids or how to deal with the lag of streaming)

Note for 1.1.0 and onward, changes to multiplier from gear

well, from what i hear multiplier was heavily nerfed (in general). Although this won't hurt your dps if you grabbed the right gear before the update, finding gear will now be harder for all crit builds (because its now harder to stack multiplier).as the build stands now, there aren't any immediate changes. Even with the totem nerfs, the build was minorly affected.

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Evade, Dodge, and Ondir’s guile.
I have noticed some bias in this, I have gone down both the Iron reflexes path and evade/dodge path and think both are equally viable with their own pros/cons. As for ES, I have found that gearing for it is very expensive and difficult and so I have never tried it. I’m sure most of my build and comments can be carried over, and modified for ES. However, I have found there to be a lack of full acrobatics/ evade builds since open beta, so I will go indepth into evade here.

First, evade and dodge are separate mechanics in that one will roll separately from the other. They also have different ways in which they are implemented. As such, Hits that cannot be evaded CAN be dodged. This is an advantage to having dodge.

The way “chance to evade” is calculated is based on an entropy system that prevents you from having long strings of not getting hit, as well as long strings of being hit based on the enemys chance to hit. A full explanation is offered here In the wiki (http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Evasion). But what you should get from this is that although dodge and evade roll independently, they work in unison to prevent attacks. If you have a 47% chance to evade an attack with a 40% chance dodge, you will essentially have a 68% chance for the attack to miss u entirely. However, with ondir’s guile u become almost completely immune to all projectiles with a 96.4% chance for them to pass right by you. This is even applied to some spells that are considered projectiles.

As for phase acrobatics, it is the only node on the whole skill tree that gives u evasion towards spells that can’t otherwise be evaded. As such, at full resistances (75) u essentially prevent 83% of elemental damage while having a 30% chance that the u won’t be affected by statuses (such as being frozen). This node is extremely powerful against mages and essentially makes this build great for fighting mage type monsters.


How the projectile damage cutoff works on LA builds.

Whenever u read “less projectile damage”, what this means is that it will take your dps before the gems own projectile damage and will cut the entire damage by an amount, on a per arrow basis. For example, a clean level 1 gmp or chain will cut ur dps straight in half to a base value per arrow. However, as this gem becomes leveled it will slightly increase the amount of damage of this base value. As a result, having both gmp and chain will essentially cut down dps to a fourth per arrow.

So whats the point in doing this? The answer is very simple: aoe.

On La, the core gems to such a build are 1 multi projectile gem, and one post impact gem, and one form of sustain

specifics on each gem:

LMP: Lesser multiple projectiles
A great gem for starters, has a low mana cost (150% multi) and low dps cut (30%). However, it only gives you 2 bonus arrows.

GMP: Greater Multiple projectiles
Awesome Aoe; gives 4 arrows. However, it has a high mana cost (with a 200% multiplier) and a high dps cut ( cuts by 50%, which is essentially half).

High cost (200% mana multi) and high 50% damage cut. The aoe is guaranteed, and can help concentrate damage to small chunks of monsters.

However, this gem is grossly overestimated, overused, and overnerfed with LA. With a 200% mana multi and 50% dps cut. However, it is still a good choice for those those who feel like the guaranteed damage is worth it, and can handle the high cost for using it.

This gem is great for beginners. Has low cost (125%!!! Compared to 200% of chain), and low damage cut (30%). It has great frontal aoe, works great with pointblank, and has a much higher damage potential than chain. However, this damage is not guaranteed. Arrows will occasionally fly off in different directions and this alone is what scares most players from using it.

Finally, the Niche gem: pierce
This gem is highly variable, and does require a lot of planning to use and even requires a specific node from the tree with a quality gem. Imo tho, The hassle is definitely worth it.
There is absolutely no damage cut when using the pierce gem, and the mana multiplier is incredibly, incredibly low with 110%. With no damage cut, this means that it will do the highest amount of aoe damage than both fork and chain. The aoe potential is infinite once that golden 100% chance to pierce is reached. As a result, a Pierce LA/crit build mows down huge packs of mobs quite easily (even with low dps) and excels for this very purpose. It also has great synergy with life on hit.

Viable Combos


LA: Lmp+(fork or chain)+life on hit.
LA:GMP+(fork or chain)+life on hit
LA:GMP+life on hit+bloodmagic (if u hate using mana)

this is where you can use the entire core of LA
LA: LMP+(fork or chain)+life on hit+ bloodmagic
LA: GMP+(Fork or chain)+life on hit+ bloodmagic
LA: GMP+pierce+life on hit + bloodmagic (This is only if you have a quality pierce and the 35% pierce from the passive tree)

Note: if u can handle the mana, u do not have to use blood magic; use mana leech or some other form of sustain if u prefer

6Ls additional gems that can work

Weapon elemental damage, increased Critical Damage, Power Charge on critical, increased critical hits,

hell, lifeleach is also a good choice

Life on hit on LA vs Life leech
On an LA build, each time the initial hit hits the target, it strikes 3 other targets before proccing your impact gem and doing the same on each other strike. As a result, Life on Hit has amazing synergy with LA. It can litterly make you go from 1 to full in an instant while the regen from life leech takes time to heal.

Also, life leach is only good if you have tons of it. Although stacking life leech on gear and such is great for SA; When using LA, the gem converts half your damage to elemental damage so the effects of the leech from gear is halved. The life leech from gems provides leech from all damage sources, but getting leech from gear only provides "physical" damage leech.

What you want to use is based on your setup, and the speed of your bow also plays a facter. If you do not have to gear to support you, just use life on hit.

How damage from crit works
heres the full explanation http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Critical_strike

Basically every time you land an attack, the computer will roll to see if it’s a critical hit. If the computer decides that the hit is not critical, the damage will roll normally. However, if the damage is critical then it will multiply all of the damage based on your multiplier. With your base multiplier (150%) you will essentially do 1.5x damage on a critical. For projectile attacks, this essentially like adding %projectile damage to your dps. %projectile Damage nodes and dealing critical strikes both increase the damage of an entire projectile regardless of its damage type.

How to maximize dps on bow crit builds: Crits/multiplier/ physical damage/ and projectile damage
nodes. [1.0.1] (this information is still relevant for 1.0.2 and onward)

Being crit is a hellova lot of fun. U get status affects that proc when you crit, and you can do lots of damage in spurts. However, LA crit is a bit tricky to spec.

Generally, the most efficient way to be crit/bow is to get as much crit chance as you can from the tree, Avoid getting any multiplier on the tree, and get multiplier from gear and crit damage gems. What you should focus on is base damage instead of getting multiplier from the passive tree. Although Multiplier in itself is a fantastic way to significantly boost dps, Multiplier is incredibly dangerous against reflect mobs and small bonuses from the tree are an inefficient form of projectile damage at low crit chances. Generally, Multiplier is good in huge/singular bonuses.

For example, lets say I do 1000 dps before critical chance is taken into account, and I have a 25% chance to crit (without considering chance to hit as a factor) with a 150% multiplier. This means that one out of every 4 hits will critical and will do 1.5 times the normal damage.

As a result the final dps is as follows: (.75*1000 +.25*(1000*1.5)= 1125. Now lets say I decided to take a 10 multiplier node from the tree, my new multiplier is 160%. This is the new calculation: (.75*1000 +.25*(1000*1.6)= 1150. 1150/1125-1=.02- This is only a 2% increase in projectile damage overall. Even if I do the calculation at a 50% chance to crit, the damage is still negligible compared to a flat projectile damage node. (.5*1000 +.5*(1000*1.5)= 1250 <--- (.5*1000+.5*(1000*1.6)=1300. A 4% increase in projectile damage. These calculations are before the final investments into the final “mega” crit multiplier nodes, however it’s easy to see that it’s not worth going all the way to that final node as the average is still low per node for being a bow/critical. It is better to get flat % physical damage nodes or projectile damage.

Power charges are also insanely helpful when playing a crit bow. If you put LA and power charge on crit on the same Link (assuming u have the core gems as well), you can easily get a power charge every time you crit with LA. And with every charge, ur crit chance gets higher.

Key nodes to look for:

Because the tree is constantly changing, instead of telling you nodes, i'll tell you about nodal efficiency and how to descriminate between nodes.

Nodal efficiency is a term i like to use because it means this: you want as much gains from the tree as you possibly can without spending alot on +10 node inorder to make Immediate gains or gains that are worth the trip. if you are selecting between build paths, choose paths with lots of gains, that you can constantly pick up nodes as you travel along. And when choosing between split nodes (like 3% atack speed/ 15% crit) think about the total if you were to take both nodes, would u get a 6% attack speed node and a 30% node? those two are highly nodal efficient. And if your going to compare whole groups of nodes, compare the bonuses of the total group of nodes to other nodes that you have an easier chance of getting.

If you want alot of dps, the best way to get it is to maximize your physical damage%/%projectile damage, maximize crit chance (or get as close to 400% as you can while also incorporating power charges), and maximize your chance to hit. Thats another reason why Lioneyes is an amazing item, you don't need accuracy nodes on the tree and it deals around 300pdps by itself. However, it arguably not for crit builds, but is still practical in terms of endgame.

Always aim for High crit nodes (80% nodes are amazing, but second best is 25/30% nodes).

Additionally, get as much life as you can, within the closest number nodes as you possibly can.
Look for high bonuses, and think about how your total life is affected using poebuilder to add the sums.

Multiplier: ignore most multiplier nodes unless the bonuses are very, very high (30-50%), have a ton of other oodie goodie bonuses, and are in the immediate vaccinity to your build path.

Info from thread discusions:
Note: I may add more information here from time to time
page 11-advice for fueling abilities with mana flasks
Omjak_777 wrote:

As for your autos heres some food for thought. Having a high mana flask can definitely help you if you want to maintain ur abilitys. How mana flasks work is that they add to ur regen and help u regenerate mana until either ur mana reaches its "ceiling" or it consumes a given amount over its duration. What this means is that if u have a 300 mana pool and u use a flask with 1000+ regen; If u can maintain pace with it u can essentially spam 1000+ manas worth of abilities with its regen, regardless of ur mana pool. However, because of this "ceiling" effect it is easier for mana pools to fill and for mana flasks to stop regening at lower mana pools.

This is why i advise against clarity, and say potions are better.

hope this helps.
why did i not get pressure points?
Omjak_777 wrote:
iiell wrote:
Quick question, why didn't you grab Pressure Points? Seems like it would be worth it.

It is definetely worth it seeing how its a 30 multiplier node that is directly on the build path. My build is something to go off of so that you can tailor it to ur own needs.
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Although this does require some know how on things, I recommend that new players read through wikis and learn how damage and such works. However, here are some quick tips to help you find the build right for you. This will require the use of poebuilder, as it’s a great tool to use. http://poebuilder.com/

How to access your current tree
1.Go to main poe website and log in

2.In the upper left hand corner there will be a picture of ur most recently used character, click on it

3.Choose the character that from who u need the passive tree

4.Click on “passive tree” under “microtransactions”


How to use poebuidler:
1.When u see a build on the website, click on it to go to the main website passive tree, or highlight and go to the page that way.

2.Copy the entire link at the bottom

3.Open poebuilder.com

4.Paste the entire link next to “Decode Link”

5.Click on decode skills

The website will add up all the totals for you so u can compare the efficiency of the build you are interested in as well as the efficiency of your own build. For new players who are unfamiliar with the tree, it is a good idea to mouse over every node on your side of the tree and learn what each does.


However, here are key numbers that you can look at to evaluate builds such as my own

25% or below is insanely low for a final build, if you were speccing into something like this u need to reconsider where you are and rebuild.
25-80% Is still considered to be low
80-100% is mid range
100-160% is mid/high range and can considered to be decent for endgame (unless your in HC)
160%+ is dam good
200%+ The character is a tank character

Projectile damage/physical damage on a physical bow (remember, more damage=faster leveling)
These all contribute differently to damage. Although physical damage and projectile damage work similarly; projectile damage is considered better when it is more optimal to increase damage of projectiles that aren’t physically based. This is because projectile damage increases the damage of an entire projectile on any attack that is considered a projectile attack (look up the attack on a wiki to see if it is considered a projectile). However physical damage can be better in cases where damage is working multiplicatively and it does not matter. Generally, % projectile damage is more for elemental damage and %physical damage is good for physical damage (obviously). However, it is a good idea to stack both for solo and party play.

Compare these numbers on builds to see which will provide you with a decent amount of damage.

U generally want a ton of evade (100-200%) However, life should be a priority so keep this in mind.

For critical builds look for a high amount of crit from the tree. Reaching 400% from the tree or close to it is your goal if your using a bow.
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Leveling Guide Part 1

Although some of this information may be common knowledge, i will try my best to add as much valuable information as i can.

First, because the purpose of this game is to farm loot, become rich, and grind you way to success I will begin with the main thing that literally affects EVERYTHING in this game: item level. After explaining everything associated with this and what gear to look for, i will go into leveling in leveling guide part 2 but will not go too indepth (for your sake as a gamer ;D).


Item level

a full description can be found here: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Item_level

Item level is an items "true" level and is a cap that affects the maximum stats that an item can acheive, the types of uniques that drop, and in some cases can even affect the maximum possible sockets of the item. However, this is not the actual level that u see when u look at an item (which is the level "requirement"). Generally, the "item level" of items will be based on the level of the location from which you are farming, and varies based on the rarity of the monsters that you kill. "blue" monsters will give u +1 to item level, uniques and yellows will give you +2 (this is important for mapping). Higher item levels will produce better gear and can even drop better currencys (but this doesn't really affect currencys below exalts in rarity).

here are the associated stats as well as their item level requirments:

there are two types of "item level" based stats (or mods) that an item can have: major (prefix) and minor (suffix). blues can have 1 prefix and 1 suffix a piece. Rares can, at max, have 3 of each. uniques have set modifiers that are indpendant from these rules. Additionally, there are many mods that add the same thing in different ammounts, these mods can stack additively to produce the the perfect endgame gear that you are used to drooling over. Generally, This is how gear is rolled by the computer: first the item level is checked to find the maximum tier allowed, then the computer rolls for any tier inbetween to find the "range" of possible values, and after the tier is decided it rolls for any value within this range. This last "range" is what divine orbs are used for because they do not reroll the stat "tiers", but instead reroll the values within the tier.

For example, lets say i'm trying to use alterations on my item level 60 crafting bow and want to roll lightning damage as a major stat (prefix). Every now and then, after choosing from every possible prefix possible, i will roll lightning damage. When lightning damage is rolled, a tier is selected at or below the maximum possible (in this case: below the "shocking" tier). Now lets say i completely luck out and get the maximum tier: shocking. the minimum range for this mod is 3-8 while the maximum range is 76-81. the computer will then select values inbetween those numbers (3-78, 6-80, 8-76, etc) and add the mod to the item. This last "range" is what divine orbs are used for because they do not reroll the stat "tiers", but instead reroll the values within the tier.

If you are not sure of an items true level. click the item and hold it on the cursor, and type "/itemlevel" in chat. For items listed in chat: hover over the item, hit ctrl+c, and paste it back into chat. look for the "item level" listing.

base items:

these modifiers only alter the stats of the "base item". some bases are better than others for specific uses, and because some come with affixes that affect the base values of an item and significantly impact how your build as well how the mods themselves interact with them (harbringer comes to mind).

Stats and gear to look for as you level: These are loose guidlines with certain emphasis, if a stat isn't listed do not think it is unimportant/useless.

main stats to look for on items:

Resists: you want to be at or near the resist cap.

Health: as a standard, you want atleast 80+ for endgame gear (but be more lenient as you level).

armour/evade and armour/armour, +'s and %'s bonuses. you want them to have added base as well as added % to get as much defense as you can from items. But u should prioritize life unless the rolls are really high.

str/int/dex. i recommending finding gear with str and health since str gives you health. Getting dex is not a waste either, since we are not running iron reflexes. With dex alone you can have a significant amount of accuracy, and a significant amount of evasion. Also, int gives you much needed mana. I also recommend that you Get these stats on gear as u need them for leveling gems, otherwise you will need to spec more into the tree.

on ammies and quivers specifically, u absolutely need the multiplier (suffix) mod on them as this will be the main crit/dps stat for this build. Basically you should be anywhere near, or above the ferocity tier (itemlevel 59) on ammies and quivers unless the quiver is godly in its own right. The minimum for endgame should be 50 for both.

+physical damage on gear is also a must on rings, ammis, quivers, and maybe even gloves, but this stat is more flexible as other dps stats can suffice. As a rule and standard to go by, getting a high phsyical (5-15 to 10-25) ammi with a high multiplier roll and added health should be a goal as this will provide a significant dps boost.

Attackspeed on gloves, and other items can also help you dps greatly

secondary stats:
Mana leech: If you can get this on rings, you will have an easier time maintaining mana.

life leech: get this for some increased regen, but you should value mana leech over life leech since you will be using lgoh for regen.

Rarity/quantity: have a bit of both because they make life interesting, get an aursize for farming even.

Note on % Elemental damage: Because this is a physical build, the usefulness of this stat depends on how much elemental damage you are stacking with gems/auras. However, this stat is generally worth it at higher rolls. E-damage works great for LA because LA converts half your available physical damage into elemental while also adding your additional elemental damage.


there is a discussion harbinger vs lioneyes between page 5-6 on this thread. I don't want to link it here because it would be spamming, and theres too much text involved. The general conculsion is that it depends whats available to you, and what your willing to spend in the end game. For this guide's sake, I recommend lioneyes as Ur long term goal before you think about getting high dps (350+) harbringers. Voltaxics, as well as high dps harbingers are very expensive.

Finding a bow as you level is a different story. to calculate the dps of an item, simply add all your damage range numbers and divide by 2 (essentially averaging). Then, multiply this range by the "attacks per second" of the item. In early game (up until you enter cruel) go by the dps alone and which provides you with the most damage.

After this, be on the look out for high physical damage bows with both +physical damage and %physical damage. calculate the pdps (physical damage per second) using only physical ranges when buying bows while considering elemental damage bonuses and weighing their worth in your head. Also consider the base item.
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Why not just make a new thread when your guide's ready...?! Or is it the anticipation...?:)

i need to test things out :D
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Your skill tree is hard to see what you did. The links don't really show what you used and what you didnt.
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alright i edited to show trees sperately and u will see the final tree first. also, i can't really help that poe builder has not updated their new tree yet. After they fix it, the total bonuses will be very clear.
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additional edits added, may make videos.
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