Content Update 1.0.2 Video Preview

We've released a video showing some of the new content in this week's patch 1.0.2, including the new skill Storm Call. We're expecting to deploy the update on Wednesday (US time).
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P.S. holy mother of Thor

2nd P.S. Enjoy Desyncing in the shocked grounds :p
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Looks excellent! Can't wait to try the new skill, and that axe looks awesome.
Storm Call looks fun, Seraph's spectral throw looks great and new hat styles are always welcome!

PoE Origins - Piety's story
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IGN: FlashGorgon
5th o ya
IGN: Scuhr
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You have entered Ghetto.
You have entered Ghetto.
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oh snap im trying that skill right away, reduced duration, lightning pen, faster casting, hmm...
If you read this you owe me an exalt.
If your friends aren't playing Path of Exile, are they really your friends?
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You have entered Ghetto.
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