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I'm excited about this gauntlet style race. Should be fun. Good luck to you all.
This sounds really fun!
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The best race i ever been to.
so many things to many items..many areas.good job
Was fun. until i see brutus growing and growing and going faster and faster... become unkillable with desync. If you guys could atleast minimyze desync on boss fight, racing would be way more fun.

Also, having scion start with throwing throw and other without kind of unbalance the race seeing how OP Spectral throw is in race now.
During the event, if you die, you can start a new character. Dead characters still count for points.

Do I get reward points for several characters?
For example, does playing 2 characters to lvl 10 each make 6 reward points? thx :)
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Zoen wrote:
In the starting area, you'll receive provisions from a chest. The contents of these chests differ by class and contain basic skills and white items. There are also two chests that contain special Unique items. You can pick one from each chest to aid you with the challenge.

Sometimes I wish the starting provision chests could be opened and the items collected prior to the "start" of the race; that way you actually have time to look over your gear and gem selection and plan accordingly instead of the current "3 seconds to grab what you want and sprint ahead" thing it is now.

Being able to quickly gear/build a character is one of the nuances that makes one player better than another.... it should absolutely stay the way it is.
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HELL YES, I'm looking forward to this :)

It would be kind of cool if there were maps or something similar to this for end game as well. Something you could enter and can't leave until you finish. (Of course the drops would have to be random) I think it would add a challenging aspect to End Game.
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Will we have one again?

If the leagues are 1 hr, and solo, do each person really need to start them at the same time?

Im thinking aobut a variant of this - Instanced Descent. Could they not be set up, so that theres a 1hr time limit for each new character, playing in a solo instance, and the league is active for a longer duration of time? Then you dont have to log in at certain hours of the day, or even the right day.


This all remindes me of a another variant Id like to see is like Ironman in Diablo 1 - you start in town, can only use vendors once, and must create a party consisting of different classes. Once you leave town, you cant go back and youre locked to the party. Its limited to 24hrs.
Without the time pressure of 1hr, skipping area-shortcuts must be removed from the layout and the quicksilver rewards swapped. The idea is that it isnt a race - it shoudlnt take more than 3-4 hrs at most. Some reward is given to the parties completing it, but since its not a race, the reward isnt significant- just the challenge and fun of beating it with limited resoruces (since you cant farm in Descent).

More mods could be applied to make the game play even more rouge-like: In Ironman in Diablo1/2 You were limtied to what resoruces (life, mana) you found. How about a mod where flask cant be refilled, but is always available as one of the chest choices after bosses?
For example, one area has "Shocked Ground" which is an unreleased Map mod from patch 1.0.2.

Unreleased, hey?

Some updating required here.
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Serleth wrote:
For example, one area has "Shocked Ground" which is an unreleased Map mod from patch 1.0.2.

Unreleased, hey?

Some updating required here.

The post that you are quoting is from November 2013.
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