SHARP's Dual Strike STEEL CANNON Build / GUIDE + VIDs.. recons. for SotV (68k dps)

Does one handed nodes apply for dual wield too?

yep they do as long as u use 1H weapon/s..


Why didn't you go for:

If u continue further u will see that we will go south to get Vaal Pact.. The difference between 2 roads will be your choice; I choosed 2*10 str nodes but not int + str.. Not so important..

As I said:
Important note: Pls get the build above as a referance only.. You shouldnt obey all nodes they have; there are many nodes related with your stats on gear and your play style.. Some needs 30 dex or Int from a node or resistances while others dont need any, etc..etc..

u r not obliged to get "all" nodes exactly same as shown in the guide.. There r some "MUST" node groups (such as Auras) and Keystones (such as Vaal Pact) which u cant skip, all others can be chosen as u wish.. Indeed this is a common rule for all builds u r following
Last point to resume:
Taking a node +10% physical damage with one handed weapon will apply on both weapon you have, so it's egual to +10% physical damage with dual wield?

thanks for your answers.
so it's egual to +10% physical damage with dual wield?

Ok thx
Our new build will be matured very soon : The Immortal Scion
A pre-matured build tree and a short summary with some vids will be released late today to whom are curious about it..
I enjoy a lot atm with the new build.. Hope u will enjoy too..

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