Backbeards groundslam build

Completed 19 Challengesbackbeard wrote:

You CAN use multistrike + heavystrike but remember you probably wont need to swing that much on rares to require multistrike. Killing a boss is really good with multistrike though. The only reason I use it on ground slam is the animation is really fast. With haste on now I get .15 per attack, which is .45 seconds stuck in animation which isnt so bad.

So with Marohi Erqi GS+multistrike is a big no no? (Or maybe doable with obscene amount of attack speed)
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I forget the number it was with a marohi but it definitely wasnt less than half a second per 3 attacks like the mace is currently. It can be possible I am pretty sure I have grouped with a duelist who had a multistrike marohi and it didn't seem to be crazy slow but just know that the animation will be fairly long.
Updated it with level 86 build and put some cast on damage taken info on there.
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BEARD, I leave for a few hours and WHAT?! This why you never map with chopsticks. - Check me out!
What did u do about the bandit quests?
I did help normal oak, helped cruel kraityn, and then in merciless I helped oak.

I also updated the thread with a picture of how much xp I got in one session with this spec.
How are you liking lvl 4 CWDT? Currently I'm using lvl 2 and thinking about going to 4 or 7.
I seem to really enjoy it molten shell at least gives you 400ish armor with each proc and I really prefer getting temp chains up there.

I am sure if u wanted procs not as often you could level it to 7

But remember that every level after 4 it goes up 80HP per level so you would have to take 800 damage to have spells cast.

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