1.0.0f Patch Notes

First time I've felt genuinely disappointed reading the patch notes (albeit I have only been playing since July).
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DnAngel wrote:
Fixed an extremely rare bug where too many unique items could drop from a monster outside of the Albino Rhoa Event.

Explain yourself Chris. Please xD

There was a glitch where the person got 300 unique drops from a mob.

He was a blood magic keystone user

The cd of enduring cry still applied even when linked with CodT.
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how many times did that rare bug happen besides me slayer and sef from LRM?
Aww nerfing Cast on Damage Taken already? boo hiss :D

So hey when is Item Filtering comming?
I just hope that they dont nerf cast on dmg taken to the point that it's worthless. It's kind of sad that they introduce an awesome gem like that and then quickly nerf it because it's effective. It's not like it makes you invincible, you still have to play and pay attention.

It's also one of the things that really help melee's. We kind of need that added protection since we have to get up close to the monsters. Range has always been so much more effective. Don't nerf it too hard!
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  • Fixed an extremely rare bug where too many unique items could drop from a monster outside of the Albino Rhoa Event.

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Pibadi wrote:
Mythicpoe wrote:
You guys have alpha testers for a reason right?
Why implement an awesome gem into the game, then start nerfing it?


sadly NOT ONE trigger gem is balanced

- codt: beyond OP
- curse on hit: LOL (you get ONE per price of TWO, great deal my friend, just for you my friend)
- cast on stun: dangerous to use, no bonus dmg
- cast on melee kill: meh

these werent really balanced nor tested.

and there is Animate Guardian :/
Somehow this reminds me of the time when GGG release the 1.0 patch note, and the whole response was negative due to the aura changes (nerf, they said). Yet, we still play until now, with 1/2 auras, some 3 or more, stronger / hit harder than the beta time :P...

I'm not even care about those uniques lock, since those are not "build enable" / "must have" for me, more like "something making you go above the already OP boundary.

Can I play until the end game / maps without those, Yes.

Can I make a build without those, or add those as an ending, extra goal? Yes.

Can you ?
What in the name of Dominus is the Albino Rhoa Event!!!! And if a bug was causing mobs to drop tons of uniques "OUTSIDE" of this event, can we assume that magic happens inside the event?

Event... magic.... uniques.......


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