1.0.0f Patch Notes

Patchumz wrote:
Mythicpoe wrote:
Mokihiki wrote:

it'll just be more fair.

Is going to be crap now!! :/
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I am sad to see an adjustment to the Cast When Damage Taken gem since it has really allowed my melee character to flourish. Yes, I am use CWDT + Enduring Cry + Molten Shell + Decoy Totem. That being said, the fact that pretty much every character uses some sort of setup as above really means that the gem needs tweaking. I will hold my nerdrage back until I see exactly how this change works.

Also, I agree with some of the people above... what's the point of alpha testers if they don't see how to abuse this gem?

Keep up the good work GGG! Totally mean that, not being sarcastic. Crap! That makes me sound more sarcastic! I'll see myself out now...
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Sexcalibure wrote:
any plan on fixing the Infinite loop stacking spell from cast on damage taken and reflect?

You realize the 250ms delay pretty much stops that

250ms * 4 = 1 second, so the maximum your skill can go off in 1 second is 4 times.

Previously i gather that it was 1ms cd or 0, which means that it was able to go off 1,000 times per second (Factor in the computation speed, lag, etc and it was prolly around 800 times a second).

Now you will not have the infinite loop, it will be staggered, the maximum you can put out is 4 per second, rather than 1,000

Edit: Your builds should still function, just not as efficiently they will (as stated above) cast 4 times a second now, rather than 1,000.. So your clearing may slow down, but if ur tanky enough and not glass cannon, you will be ok
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I hope they fix cast on crit too. Some cyclone user was lagging everyone in a public party. 20 casts per second with multiple spells is a bit much.
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4 enduring cries per second, omg, how are we gonna manage!
If I can't cast 1000 decoy totems per second then this gem is totally worthless!

Meh at the COD change.
The CODT change isn't strictly a nerf. It helps prevent infinite reflect deaths.
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Just because something gets nerfed doesn't mean it's instantly useless.
Mythicpoe wrote:
You guys have alpha testers for a reason right?
Why implement an awesome gem into the game, then start nerfing it?

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