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Hi, have been playing off and on since launch but have only ever been solo and never joined a guild. Got back into the game during delve and have a fair few classes between 70-90. Now looking to play with people and have some fun next league.

IGN: _Lt_Monkee_
I have been playing poe for the last couple of years, id like to try joining a larger guild.
Highest lvl 93
IGN: Yolo_the_Swagnificent
Hello I would like to join:

Account name: SorryImAFK
Hey there, I'd like to join. I live in Sydney, and I've been playing for 3 years now but mostly by myself or with one or two others. My problem is that I can never stick with one build because I'm used to playing team games where people cover each other's weaknesses. I'd love to join a guild and find people who would like to co-ordinate classes and play together for maximum efficiency and fun. I also use discord and would if you could send me an invite or even just a message.

Account: CrimsonDragon41
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I would love to join an aussie discord and guild! I have just started playing PoE recently and have been enjoying it thoroughly but playing with other people is much more enjoyable to me. Im from QLD Aus and im 28. Contact me with any questions thanks!

Hi! Just started playing POE since Delve and I'm looking to join an aussie guild. Perth based and play regularly.

Account name: ImGif

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