0.9.13h Patch Notes

Version 0.9.13h
  • You now don't have to reopen the vendor window each time you want to buy an additional currency item of the same type.
  • We've changed the vendor recipes related to matching rares that have the same name. It's still possible to get Orbs of Alchemy and Regal Orbs, but is more complex and costly.
  • Added an option for "No sound while in background".
  • Added an option that allows you to prevent items from auto-equipping as they are picked up. This was requested by players using the Facebreaker unique item.
  • Screenshots (taken with the F8 key) are now saved in the My Games folder in your Documents folder, rather than in Path of Exile's installation directory.
  • When buying items from a vendor, currency items are now only taken from your first eight stash tabs.

  • Hybrid armours have been improved by 10% relative to other armour types.
  • Quality now no longer affects the block chance of shields.
  • Rebalanced PvP damage scaling so that players generally have more survivability.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a server crash related to skill hotkeys.
  • Fixed a bug where Flasks could be traded without losing their charges. Thanks [BSM]neovile and [BSM]Sayt.
  • Fixed a bug with the graphical effect of Power Siphon.
  • Fixed a bug with the graphical effects of projectiles augmented by the Chain support gem.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur after cancelling the Queue window (when logging into the server if it was over capacity, which it isn't).
  • Fixed some problems related to having too many stash tabs.
  • Fixed a graphical problem that would occur if you cancelled the loading of the character selection screen at the wrong time.
  • Fixed various rare bugs with whispering other players.
  • Fixed a bug where Energy Shield's stun avoidance wouldn't differ between successive hits from the same monster, under some conditions.
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I luv you GGG!
OMG Epic Patch!
Good stuff.
IGN : Jovial
please, let me move items while selling stuff :'(... <3 love POE and GGG
Let the recipe hunt begin!
* Cheers from Argentina, the land of ping and packet loss *


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Chris wrote:
Version 0.9.13h

  • Rebalanced PvP damage scaling so that players generally have more survivability.

some real info about this? viper strike got his nerf or what?
Cast TP from scroll, on use:

Error: Failed to join insatnce because Disconnected from server.
Error: Failed to join and instances


edit: died and went back to town, where my TP is shown.

THEN I got dc'd
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Pvp seems to be broken. Whenever I queue and someone else does instead of a match starting I get disconnected. Or I join the pvp arena and the other person gets disconnected.

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