0.9.13h Patch Notes

Seriously get a better idea than 3 items of the same name for alchemy orb and 4 items of the same name for regal.

What is "Costly" if players will fill even more stash tabs?
Screenshots (taken with the F8 key) are now saved in the My Games folder in your Documents folder, rather than in Path of Exile's installation directory.

eeuuhh???? Give us an option for that plz i want my screenshots to be inside my game folders.
IGN: Destrock
My laptop gateway 2010 potato is now completely dead... I have to buy a new one ($$$...)
I like the thing about tobuy more currency items without reopen the window.
Also the fact that you guys changed the auto equip for facebreak users lets show that you so really listen to us ^_^
Playing since 0.9.2g
I appreciate you guys listening about the face breakers issue. That one was really annoying and I wasn't sure what was going to happen with that. Thank you.

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