[1.0.6] 1H shield infernal blow marauder/duelist with video by boxsalesman ( Immortal build )

IGN : boxxboxx ( Domination )

IGN : boxxboxx ( Domination )

Loving this build, after getting a decent armor its been nothing but easy street. Havent found anything this build cant do atm. As for single target damage, i dont see a problem with it, infernal blow seems to deal with that nicely. The two curse also are very viable, the elemental weakness is ofc the main debuff, but if you want to do harder maps or if that one boss hits to hard the Enfeeble works well. All in all this has been my fav build atm and i dont even have the Aegis Aurora yet. Level 75 atm and rocking it. If you guys wanna see a preview of the build on more nub gear than check my stream: http://www.twitch.tv/kellogzstream.
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When leveling how do you deal with mana starvation / whats your leveling progression on this build?
Completed 18 ChallengesViris wrote:
When leveling how do you deal with mana starvation / whats your leveling progression on this build?

TBH I started in the marauder spec due to the survivability. As for mana i had quite some problems with this at the start but it was all fixed when i got a 2% Physical Damage to Mana ring, ever since than I barely use mana pots unless i want the extra life steal. As for HP aswell i barely use it, with a Amulet with 2% Physical damage to life i dont even use pots anymore unless for a boss or a screen full of mobs on me... but even than the life/mana steal of this build is insane with just those two stats. Here's my accessories:

Hope this helps.
i have a qeustion i am lvl 73 and got aegis today. how much armor you got? i am pretty low with 3.5k atm
Hi everyone,

I just started playing PoE and actually I already died like few times.. :( then I said, I deserve something much better.. and then I found this build. The first time I saw it I was like, I probably needs tons of items.. but not really..

The next pic is not a riddle, is me level 28 just arriving to City of Sarn and once I get there, I said ok lets go carefully because I can probably have issues.. I mean, what?

Yeah that is me in the middle of that mob, even tried with Perpetus and is all the same. They dont even touch me.

Tanking: Untitled_zpsde221d2e

And for sure 100% for low leveling this 2 items are the core items for the glory, to ensure you wont die.

Core low level gear: gear_zpse87bccdb

Now to be honest I feel like I can go and kill anyone haha, but very very happy right now with this new char and I hope it keeps getting harder.

Thx for the build :)
Hey I have a lvl 62 Marauder and i'm going to respec my points, Where should i start putting my points in? I also want to use agies with this build.
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could we have a update on your gear if its do able since your last gear was from november.
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Is it worth to get Anvil for this build?

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