1.0.0d Patch Notes

Chris wrote:
Version 1.0.0d
  • Fixed a bug where auras would need to be recast when changing areas to gain the bonuses of passive skills that affect them.

Yea, that was super annoying to constantly recast. Thank you.
now nerf devourers next
chris did this patch fix the bug where some exalted supporters dont have their name in the credits?
[quote="Ludvator"]yes GGG fix lightspeed or i quit[/quote]
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Aura fix is good, but the other aura bug has a bigger negative impact. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
Chris wrote:

[li]Fixed some passive skill tree connectivity near the Falcon Claws group.[/li]


For the people wondering this is the bug
PyrosEien wrote:
ragemore808 wrote:
No fix for Spectral throw+Fork linked?

Fix for what, it's not supposed to fork, can you get it to fork somehow?

If not, why does it show up in the tooltip? atleast update it, if its not meant to do so.
Nothing about the Dominus area disconnect thingy ? :(
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Balance changes are next week, right? Hoping for some tweaks to Blood Magic auras.
Scr3w3dUp wrote:
Nothing about the Dominus area disconnect thingy ? :(

We deploy fixes once they are ready and also tested heavily. That one isn't yet, sorry!
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