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Linking Arc here
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Things I've noticed about Arc: (Not build feedback, just general comments for other players)

It will auto-target enemies for you, even if you click on the other side of the screen on a blank spot, it will hit the enemy closest to you if they are within a certain distance. this also works for targeting the ground near an enemy, it will just target the enemy. Same with holding shift to try to aim your arc.

Arc can bounce of of the cairn rock things.

Arc CANNOT be paired with Fork (I was hoping it could be, just saying this for people to recognize).

Arc can chain to the same target twice (not in a row), hits the first, bounces to the other, then bounces back (can still occure with 3+ monsters) The chain has no effect single target.

Shift + Arc can be used to hit things offscreen.

Arc does not seem to be able to chain to enemies outside your field of view/cast. AKA around a corner or on the other side of a wall. (Example below)

------- enemy

Cannot be paired with LMP/GMP *edited in since someone asked*
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I've tried this gem with a 5L and it being lvl5.

A few things to note, the mana per cast is way to high compared to its damage, even with the gem being lvl5, it is costing me 82 mana per cast.

But ofcourse, it has just been added, tweaks are definitely possible. ;)
can arc be paired with multi projectiles?
Whiplash -
Whiplash wrote:
can arc be paired with multi projectiles?

Arc is not an Projectile.
so you cant use support gems like Fork or Multiple Projectiles or Pierce.
Was really hoping Arc chained to more than 2 targets eventually but after getting it level 10 and it's still 2 so I doubt it will even get to 3. I think it should be 3 at level 10 and 4 at level 20. You need to give people something to work towards other than just 200 dps per level. It's kind of misleading to have the tooltip say "chains twice" or whatever and then it never gets any higher.

I'm hoping im wrong and it'll at least add another chain at level 15 or something otherwise this just falls into the category of another boring gem as you only get slight increments of lightning dmg per level. Not even more chance to shock it appears that just stays the same too.. wtf is that ...
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I really dislike the fact that it can bounce off of pots and other breakables. It's a waste of chains if you happen to be fighting mobs in an area with lots of breakables.

Also +1 to the chain increase over levels.
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If you support Arc with Chain you will get additional chains.

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